Friday, March 28, 2008

A Word About My Best Friend

I know I've spoken about him at some length before but I thought you would like to see a picture of my dearest friend.

He's my best friend for many reasons. First of all, he's grey, which is the superior colour for all types of equines. I'm not biased, of course. He has a wonderful sense of humour and is often referred to as "that clown". Although he is my age, 13, he retains a youthful outlook on life and never, ever worries about anything, except dinner being delayed. When he does sustain physical damage, which is fairly often owing to his ultra-relaxed attitude, he refuses to worry about it and simply indicates to his woman that he needs ointment, stitches, poulticing or whatever. Then he has a long nap.

The photo is from last summer when he carried our friend Linda through the Adirondacks and managed to not fall off a precipice or into a chasm or be swept over a waterfall. He did have an occasional stumble over a tree root but didn't actually fall on Linda at any point, which she much appreciated. Like myself, he abhors mud but doesn't mind a sip from a river where he can see the bottom.

It was the first such trip for Molly and Smokey shepherded her along, encouraging her with gentle nudges on the backside when she hesitated at a bridge or river crossing. He quite fancies her but she was taken with the other gelding, Tucker, who is a strapping brown and white lad. Nevertheless, Smokey still yearns for the golden girl.

I only get to see Smokey in the good weather when he is driven over in his metal box on wheels. It's a shame because I'm always cheered up by one of his visits, when he inevitably says "Hey, little dude", and promptly falls out of his conveyance in his excitement at being here.


Red Serge said...

Yo Sheaffer - greetings from the West Coast. Bummer about running into doors.

Sorry I have not written much but I am in trauma because it has snowed on our cherry blossoms. One day I will make it out of my heavy duty rain wear.

ponymaid said...

Red, you must move east immediately. We do have a wee bit of snow but also the opposite - tropical temps in July and August. Rain is just one of the biblical plagues sent to try equines. Stay away from closed steel doors and cover those cherry blossoms so you can snack on them later.

robert5721 said...

Shaeffer-president and fearless King of America
Smokey-Vice President and Chief Advisor for Equine matters
Dicey- secretary of state and secretary of agriculture and horse/donkey feed matters
TJ- secretary of war and chief of the joint chiefs of staff. military stuff where killing is involved, also secret service chief, not so secret but very effective at trashing things
Molly-treasury secretary. with a ME ME ME attitude, the treasury should grow
DOC- Seargent at Arms, to keep control of any cabinet members who get out of control
Mr Gale- advisor for political matters

Any others I have forgotten? We must form a ticket, as you are the only Donkey Candidate, and must therefore win the election, as long as the equines are sufficiently bribed to cast a vote....
Have Fun!!
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Mr. Gale, the Sheaffer cabinet looks just right. I'm worried about being perceived as the dullest, greyest candidate, however. I have no scandal in my background (If you don't count the incident of un-wiring the trailer or eating the Christmas lights) and I don't come from an exotic background (unless Milton, Ontario counts). The media simply isn't interested in someone like myself. What do you suggest? Dicey may be able to spice things up...

And thank you GS for leaving me a glowing review on I think you should be my minister of propaganda. Not that it wasn't all true...

robert5721 said...

Shaeffer, OH NO !!!! How about the trek down the road to get snacks? Standing up to a huge concrete truck gives you sparkle in anyones book....all one needs to do is read your blog to see what a diverse character you truly are!! DULL???? you are anything but dull, little dude!!
Mr Gale

Gale said...

Smokey sounds like a great fellow, always in the right place to experience what life has to offer, and willing to go with the flow and make the best of things...a donkey in horse clothing?

I spent my childhood summers in the Adirondacks. What a wonderful place (in the summer, of course)!

Grey is, indeed, the BEST of all donkey colors, in my opinion. Tell us, Sheaffer, does your woman clip all your long hair when it finally warms up where you are (would that be July or August?)? I hesitate to even think what TJ would do if the clippers were to suddenly make an appearance. We won't even go there.