Thursday, March 13, 2008

Such Goings On

The woman has not been at my disposal for typing because she's been busy with various things. Very annoying and inconsiderate of her. I may have to approach a typing agency to hire someone more reliable.

There has been much going on around the rescue of the neglected donkey. The story of how they finally got to see him is so convoluted that I can't remember it all. See him they did on Wednesday and it must have been bad because they all came back looking very pale and not saying much. It seems he may be past the point of saving. They tried every way they knew to buy him but the owners wanted to keep him for no apparant reason. He was lying in a pool of manure/ice water, covered in an armoured layer of filth, is terribly thin, has no hair on his neck from lice, and his feet...I didn't know a donkey's feet could grow right round till they merged into his pasterns. He is almost unable to stand and walk and his pupils are dilated with the pain of it all. I waited to hear that this was a made-up tale they told us just to scare us into good behaviour, but it's not. The SPCA have now taken over his case and I will keep you updated.

Two days ago, TJ stopped eating and last night he stopped drinking, so our personal physician, Dr. Maggie Turner, appeared today to examine the patient. Good thing SHE'Ss patient, because he tried every wrestling move on her and did some airs-above-the-ground and slammed her into the boards till they were both quite red in the face. She even stuck a thermometer up his posterior to see what the weather conditions were in there. Holding steady according to the read-out. He was given a large amount of tranquilizer which made him just groggy enough that they could put a metal device in his mouth and pry his jaws apart. It took three of them but he finally got his teeth rasped and a large tooth-top came out. It must have been what was bothering him because as soon as he was let go, he was ravenous. His story is that he was savagely attacked by three mad women, he overcame them all and emerged triumphant with only a broken tooth. He lies like a hearth rug.

Of course, they really wanted to spend all their time with me. While waiting for TJ to sink into near oblivion, they both gave me ear massages and said how handsome I am and took my picture. Doc is deeply in love with Dr. Maggie (they both have red hair)and insists on snogging with her and licking her coat and breathing deeply in her face. He makes quite a spectacle of himself - and she lets him. Molly just grunts and flaps her lips and asks for food.


Gale said...

How distressing to hear about the neglected donkey's condition! I am so relieved that the SPCA has stepped in...that poor little donkey. However busy your woman may be with other matters such as this, I know you understand that saving a less fortunate donkey is worth the sacrifice on your part; and we, your loyal readers, fully understand!

Dr. Maggie does sound like a patient soul to have persevered with the likes of "poor little TJ." Trauma, trauma, trauma! However naughty he might be, a toothache is quite painful. Well, at least that was a quick fix. He'll be back to himself in no time, more's the pity!

Of COURSE, Dr. Maggie would oooh and aaah over you...who wouldn't? We don't say it above a whisper, but we think our Dr. John likes coming here to see the donkeys; he is never in a hurry and they gather around him like ticks. In fact, he's coming tomorrow to check teeth and do a few blood draws for Coggins testing. I may have to eat my words, we shall see!

And please, Sheaffer, do keep us informed on the neglected donkey's condition. So sad!!!!

robert5721 said...

shoot, shovel and shut up is how we handle that kind of Cr%# around here....the owner, not the donkey! I hope your resident woman stays on top of the SPCA on this day too much has already been wasted on this poor donkey. The owner should be put in a locked cage with all of Michael Vicks left over Pitt Bulls. Sorry, but I have
no use for someone that nasty.

Dr Maggie sounds great, we have Dr Moody who does the same sort of thing here for all of our donks....stay on her good side and enjoy the ear rubs and attention! Tell T J that this is what he gets for horsing around so much (couldn't resist the and that DOC will knock the rest of them out if he keeps it up. Maybe THAT will slow ,him down a bit..maybe not, but what the heck..LOL..

PLEASE keep in touch and let us know what is going on with the poor should do whatever you can to help him!!
Mr Gale

Buddy said...

SPCA better get that donkey out of their - what horrible people to leave an animal in such a state. they should be shot - yes - shot!!!

Well that was my mom and she is royally mad at those people - who can blame her - she cries when I get ouchie after a hoofie trim.

CindyLouWho said...

Oh Sheaffer, How awful for that poor donkey! We wish a speedy rescue and good outcome for him. How can humans be so cruel? HUMANity? I hope that the SPCA rescues the little fellow post haste, and makes the owners lay in that filth and not get their nails trimmed for 6 years! See how their feet feel!

Your Dr Maggie sounds wonderful. Just think, let the little psycho mule hurt himself as often as possible... then you can get extra visits from Dr Maggie where she just gives you ear massages and no medicine! Plus, it's great fun to hear his version after you have told us what really happened.

Please keep us posted (pun intended) on the neglected donk's progress.

ponymaid said...

Hello everyone, the woman is finally back from her weekend away at some horse event. Don't worry, I've cut her dead to let her know how I feel about it. It's the only way to deal with that sort of nonsense.

The SPCA won't tell us anything because of some confidentiality factor - maybe it's a confidence scheme - not sure about all this human babble. We are trying to get news through the grapevine and will post as soon we have some. There was also a starving puppy and an old starving dog tied to a dog house. Not to mention the sheep with young sheep children at their side. The woman mentioned something about losing her lunch when the donkey stood up and she saw his feet. She's a very easy keeper who likes her forage so it must have been bad.

robert5721 said...

Shaeffer, get your human woman thing to put up the phone number of the spca office, and we can all bombard them with phone calls, just to let them know we are serious about rescuing this poor little donkey!!
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Hard to say if the woman and her species are making progress with the neglected donkey. The OSPCA has been but the owners denied them access and without a warrant, the inspector can't do anything. We're waiting to hear what the next step is, and will let my readers know as well as soon as we have news. Ideally a warrant will be issued but we hope it won't be too late for the animals. As I'm sure many of you with experience in this know, the law is weighted in favour of the abuser. I cannot imagine how hard it is for the inspectors to stay positive when they have to watch and wait like this. I'm anxious and fuming, as is the woman, and would like to trudge over myself and set him free. The young lady in charge of the case is Sarah Jones at 905 898 7122. We haven't had any news back from her yet - we think and hope she may be over there trying again...Wish her luck.
And by the way, tell her I need an electric blanket, a kettle, a phonograph with wax cylinders so I can listen to Caruso and a carrot slicing machine. I too am a badly neglected donkey but no one will listen to me. Hmmmmph.

robert5721 said...

Shaeffer, I think the phone system at the OSPCA is tangled up in your wax cylinder machine cause I went round and round from one answering machine to another, but I left a message for Sarah Jones and await her call. I'll come up there and give em a warrant they will NEVER forget....
Mr Gale

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
I have been following your updates on that poor abused donkey. My mom was abused before she ended up at the Donkey Sanctuary so I know how awful it can be.I was born at the DSC so have only known love and kindness. I got my human to phone the OSPCA. She left a message for Sarah asking her if there is anything the general public can do to help this poor donkey - email/phone campaign to get things moving before it is too late. Hopefully she will call back with some suggestions of ways we can help.

Your fan,

robert5721 said...

Shaeffer, just have your woman notify the Royal Canadian Mounted Police....think THEY would be amused at an equine being abused....hmmmmmmmmm....I think NOT !!
still waiting for the phone call, maybe a donation to the OSPCA would speed things up....What ya think?
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

The woman is still waiting to hear from the OSPCA. She too has had the experience of hearing many, many voices that ask her to leave a message. Like the Rockies, they appear to be remote and unaccessible and sometimes faintly hostile. There are so many waiting to help this donkey - I hope at some level he knows it.