Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Herself Hits the Road

She's a woman obsessed. For the next four days she will be at one of those Equine Affaire things - and you've probably guessed why. Yes! She's off in search of dewormers again. Vast quantities of them for us and for the sanctuary donkeys. No keychains or paperweights for us, just vermifuge by the gallon.

This means I cannot communicate with my readers ,which I find highly inconsiderate of her. She doesn't even offer to hire a temporary replacement. I've asked Penny and Violet if they'd like to try and was turned down in a most cavalier and offensive way. On the bright side, the woman Marianne is coming to see to our needs and we like her very much indeed. SHE never stints on the carrots and apples and ensures we are well supplied with water and bedding and hay. I've invited her to my party.


BumbleVee said...

I'll miss you Sheaffer ..see you in a few days....

Dougie Donk said...

Ah Sheaffer, I'll miss hearing about events on the other side of the world!

Hold onto the hope that your woman will come to her senses about the vermifuge. Mine now collects droppings & has worm counts done instead - perhaps that is why the vet ladies were collecting Jack's output?

Enjoy the carrots :-)

Buddy said...

Sheaffer - will miss you while your woman takes off for a few days. Who will keep me posted about my girl, Molly? Oh woe is me!


Gale said...

Sheaffer...ooops, I mean DR. SHEAFFER...I know you and your crew will be just fine with Marianne. You're right, you just cannot rely on household pets to do a proper job of reporting, so we'll all try to be patient and wait for the woman's return. It's Buddy I'm worried about...he'll simply HAVE to have another photo of his beautiful Molly as soon as your woman comes home, perhaps one showing her special gift from the Equine Affair event?

After last year's foray there and the paltry "gifts" you got, I think your woman will make up for it this year. Even she must know that dewormer does NOT count as a proper present!

I'm happy for you that you didn't have to suffer from the floating procedures (somehow I had an inkling that you wouldn't need it, just some donkey ESP at work, I guess). I must say that your tale (and pictures) of the tooth fairy visit were absolutely wonderful.