Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Updates On My Party - The Wheels are In Motion!

Last evening the organizing committee for my Birthday/Garden/Fund Raising party descended en masse and began the scheming and plotting necessary for such a huge event. Of course, they came to call on us in the paddock first and I was pleased to discover that they are donkey-lovers and admirers to the core. We were complimented and snacked and patted and one of them even gave me a deep-down ear massage that left me weak in the knees. Jack was suspicious that they might be vets but eventually he came around.

I overheard some of the planning and my other ears, Ben donkey, has filled me in on the rest. I had the woman photograph the actual invitation but as it is so small an image, here is the gist of it.

Serendipity Stables is Thrilled to Host
Sheaffer's Birthday Party, May 24th, 2009
In Support of PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary

The Social Event of The Year!
Donkeys! Cake! Tea! Lemon Squash! Frivolity! (in moderation, of course)

Come and Hob Nob with some High Class Asses! (They made me write this part)
Special Guests Sheila and PrimRose!

Ladies are Requested to wear straw hats with edible floral trim, to be
consumed by the donkeys later.

No Ear Pullers!!

Come and Meet His Sheafferness!

In the event of rain the arena will be closed to riding and the party will be held inside.

Address: Serendipity Stables
15488 McCowan Road
(500 meters north of Aurora Road)

They have added a bake sale - for humans, of course... And a silent auction, which frightens me slightly as herself is always threatening to sell me to the highest bidder if I don't behave. There is also to be a "Most Splendid Hat" contest which will be judged by young Jack the human. I hear rumours of a game called "Pin the Posterior on The Human" and I can't wait to see that unfold - I've volunteered the woman as a generously-sized target. Even the visually impaired couldn't miss the mark. Sheila will bring some items from the sanctuary shop and there will also be a bin for those who wish to donate used tack etc. Our goal is to raise $700.00, which is what it costs to keep one donkey at the sanctuary for a year.

My head is spinning with all the activity but I will keep you updated as the news trickles down to miniature donkey level. The humans attached to Ben and Jerry gifted me with a magnificent photo of the donkey brothers and I have had it copied so you may admire their handsome demeanors and extreme cleverness. They will be assisting me in my public duties at the party and are working themselves into a frenzy of excitement. They guarantee a few "surprises" for the humans.


billie said...

Well, it sounds just wonderful. If I had the ability to beam myself up there I would do so in a moment!

All I can say, Sheaffer, is if the woman ever attempts to auction you off, I put an open cap on my bid and we shall appropriate an entire railway to bring you down south.

I'm certain she would be running along behind, shrieking 'it was a mistake! a terrible joke! come back, Sheaffer!'

We would let her get good and scared, enjoy a nice visit with you here, and when she begged, properly, on bended knee, we would convey your Sheaffer-ness back home again, stopping off in all the towns of your friends so that you could toss stud muffins as you waved a hoof.

Buddy said...

Sheaffer - I'm so disappointed I cannot attend your pardee. But I know your woman will post pics!

I just LOVED the pics of Doc (hate him) and Miss Molly - sure wish she could have been front and center and not the "other" one. The pics of you and Jack resting - too cute.

I will be at your party in spirit dear Sheaffer - you will feel my presence - I hope.

Did I mention that Ben and Jerry are so cute (as my woman puts it) that she wants them to come live with me - geeze!!!


ponymaid said...

Billie, how I wish all my blog friends could beam themselves here for my birthday. I can almost certainly promise a snow-free day. I have submitted your bid in case I end up on the auction table (herself says it will have to be an iron trestle table...). I will cherish the mental picture of her on one knee begging for my return while I turn a deaf ear and stare absentmindedly into the distance. You have brightened my day no end.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, somehow Doc always ends up front and centre in most photos...Molly says it's because she's so thin and frail that he simply blocks her out - I won't challenge her on that for fear she'll sit on me with her vast bottom. I wish you could be here to help celebrate - you could meet all my donkey friends and play some lively games of "Pin the Posterior on the Human".

Anne said...

Sheaffer... It's your surfer bud Smokey here. I'll be cruising in on my skateboard to attend your party. Make sure there are lots of cakes for me and maybe have a first aid kit just in case I flip off my board doing something silly.

ponymaid said...

Smokey!! As Doc said when he heard you were coming, "Partaaaaay!". That may be why he is banned from attending. There are one or two paramedics who will be there so that should cover the physical damage. I think the guests will be stunned at your ability to entertain. This is all very exciting.

Ben said...

Hey Sheaffer
I have finally gathered the complete report on the Party Planning meeting. The initial data is still correct but I felt it was incomplete. The barn man came out to groom us on Thursday and closed himself into our " Cage". While he was innocently combing my glorious tail I asked about the plans for your Soiree. He replied that it was not for public release. I responded that we are of course Sicilian donkeys, and while I was a learned and cultured being....well Jerry...hmmmm! I believe that we made him an offer he could not refuse. Your party will of course be the event of the year. They are planning a bake sale, Silent auction, 50/50 draw, and many other things. They will also be accepting donations of used tack and blankets, etc for the Primrose Santuary. Even Canadian Tire money would be of use. Let us hope that everyone who can will attend. The Barn man will continue to keep us appraised..if he knows what is in his best interest. There is talk of a cake but sadly the only mention of Stud Muffins was made by Molly reffering to Buddy.

CindyLouWho said...

Oh My Sheaffer!

I am getting very excited over your party! Even tho I'll not be there in the flesh, I will be there in Spirit! I've instructed my human to track down a couple of *things* to send along with the card. (actually, one of the things has been inadvertently mentioned here) On the appointed day, my woman, my pony and myself will be gathered in our garden, drinking lemon squash and wearing large hats.

If the woman ever did have the temerity to attempt to auction you off, I'm sure there would be spirited bidding between Billie and my woman. I (and she) would LOVE to have you here!!! Of course, Billie is right... with the first bid, the woman would be crying and asking forgiveness from you! (very big grin)

Your Biggest Fan (literally)

billie said...

Aha! Sheaffer, you must inform the woman that there is now an unofficial bidding war going on for the honor of being your "donkey maid" - perhaps it will shake her up a bit!

Gale said...

Sheaffer, you know we have "first dibs" on you and Jack!!! (What's two more?)

But I also know that getting you two away from your woman would be downright impossible, and she'd never speak to us again.

I'm afraid we must decline your lovely invitation, but we will have something special coming to you in the mail VERY SOON, won't we, Mr Gale? Mr Gale, we WILL, won't we?

Don't you worry, Sheaffer, Mr Gale will be at the post office within a day or two!!!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - um - if someone wanted to send you a birthday card - where would this someone send it???


ponymaid said...

Ben, that was an excellent bit of detective work. Use your Sicilian connection as you see fit to pry any late-breaking news from the human. I have seen various supplies going into the house here, including some ridiculous paper hats with nonsense written on them - why oh why to I feel I will shortly have one wedged between my ears with an elastic under my chin...

CindyLou, I think I will attend your party instead. Those pointy paper hats are scaring me and I fear they are the tip of the birthday iceberg. I have been watching the mailbox carefully, especially now the flag signal thingy has snapped off. Thank you for thinking of me as I cross the threshold into my fourteenth year. I feel quite ancient but Jack says I'm still a tadpole. He also called you "a fine lookin big gal with some meat on her bones"...I think it was a compliment.

Billie, I like this idea of a bidding war - it makes me realize how undervalued I am here. I would like to travel from bidder to bidder, causing the woman to wail and gnash her teeth at my absence. What a pleasing visual.

Gale, you are, of course, one of the bidders that I will be visiting. You don't have any of those pointy paper birthday hats, so you? I thought not. And thank you and Mr. Gale for thinking of me on my birthday. Thank goodness there are humans out there who attach some importance to my day of birth. Herself says I may get a celery stick and half a mini carrot if I behave. Just call me Oliver Donkey Twist.

Buddy, I'm very excited at the idea of receiving cards - I hear they taste sublimely wonderful. If you write to me at my email account, which is - - I will have the woman send you my address. I won't tell Molly because I would risk an unpleasant concusion.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, the silly woman gave you the wrong email address! It is: Honestly, I don't know how I manage with this level of help. My apologies for her sloppy work ethic.