Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things She Forgot To Mention...

I knew she'd forget something crucial and sure enough, she forgot to mention the time my event starts. It starts at 1pm on Sunday, May 24th (the official Queen's birthday, I might add) and runs til 4pm. She also forgot to mention that bringing a chair is a good idea for those who are overcome by the non-stop excitement and need to "rest their barkin dogs" as Jack so quaintly puts it. Anyone needing to reach me for more information can write to sheaffer1@live.ca and I will do my best to field your queries. Now, back to my speech.


robert5721 said...

there will be live video of your speech, RIGHT?? Expiring minds want to know !!!!
keep it up, bud!!
Mr Gale

Dougie Donk said...

Woohoo, the party takes shape! I sooo wish I could be there, but my woman is flat out refusing to sacrifice any part of her wine ration for an airline ticket :(

So, I support Mr Gale's plea for a video. Also, now you have published your email address, might I be so bold as to send you a few photos of Scotland? I have in mind some mountains, heather, thistles, red deer and perhaps a shot or two of my good self.....


Buddy said...

Dear Dougie - wine ration - your woman and mine must be sisters separated at birth!


ponymaid said...

Nr. Gale, I certainly hope herself is having my every word kept for posterity. I've been working on this speech for weeks and have it honed down to just under the three hour mark. I'm sure the Library pf Congress will want several copies.

Dougie, wine ration? Do you get your fair share of that? Personally I am a great wine fancier - the red rather than white - and you certainly deserve a wee dram or two. Yes, please forward those wonderful images to my virtual mailbox - I can dream about life in the land of tartan and fine whiskey - by the way, how does heather taste? I imagine it as somewhat sage-like.

Buddy, make sure you get your wine ration as well. These humans tend to keep the really good things in life to themselves.