Monday, May 25, 2009

Now THAT Was a Party!

I'm late getting my preliminary report out because the woman is still in what she calls "recovery mode". Odd, as I was the one doing all the work. She says the nervous tics will go away eventually and the overall tendency of the landscape to oscillate slightly will fade. Honestly, she needs to be made of sterner stuff, like a donkey.

The weather couldn't have been better, my outfit was dignified (purple sash, crown- I still say it was a tiara but we won't quibble -and low-key blue ribbon). We had a large turnout and the donations for the silent auction and bake sale tables were staggering. Cake was consumed, lemon squash drunk, tea served in styrofoam cups (I had ordered bone china), and the music was classical.

I met long-time blog friends who had come from afar and they were even more wonderful in person (if that's possible). CompleteCare, human to Willy donkey and his mother Roberta, Uncle Ed, Winsome Wendy and the kind human who is caretaker to the equine crew. I spent a lot of time visiting with them and they are donkey supporters to their very core. Not a word about cellulite or bad haircuts. Just sheer graciousness and civility.

There were sixty items in the silent auction and Tuffy ruled triumphant at the centre of the table. Human Brenda did up a very fine box and wrapping for Tuffy and his egg and he peered out regally from his throne. Bidding was furious and he's gone home with a very nice lady to run her life.

I have so much to tell you and I will write more later but my main news is that we raised $1,550.17 for PrimRose so far with some cheques still to come. Sheila was so happy she was nearly speechless. It's so much more than we expected that she can now get a new roof on the shed at the end of the barn that houses all sorts of important things. I think she needs one as it snowed two feet worth on the inside last winter.

Thank you everyone. This was such an outpouring of donations and goodwill that it helps to redress the balance for donkeys like Theodore. As Jack said "Yuh done good. Now jest stop tarryhootin all over and stay home where ya belong."

Pics to follow.


Anonymous said...

Too wonderfulWe have had a sneak preview at the party pix and it appears that there was a great deal of standing around drinking lemon squash and far too little demolishing of ladies' hats. At one point, it appeared as though Smokey (Sheaffer's big grey friend) was examining his haircut rather closely.

However, we will overlook that detail and thank Ponymaid on behalf of donkeys everywhere for this stupendous effort, which obviously taxed her refried brain to the maximum.

Who would guess, looking at her all elegant in wide-brimmed hat, that she was reduced to nervous tics.

We encourage everyone to dip into their carrot money and support donkeys in need wherever you are - and PrimRose in particular.

We have spent our carrot money as we are hedonists at heart but the fat lady is forwarding a donation on our behalf. Likely we will be repaying it for years to come, indentured donkeys that we are.

Yrs, Fred and Ginger (and hello from her loveliness Annie)

BumbleVee said...

good morning Sheaffer...well, it is still morning here for five more minutes...

So happy to hear that the party was a success and you didn't feel embarrassed about the Edward Scissorhands haircut....

Next year maybe you could remind her to do the clipping at least two weeks in advance of having to be seen in public.

What a fun way to raise some $$$ for a special cause.... I'll try to be ready earlier next year myself and to have several minis ready to fly east.......

I'm glad Tuffy was a hit and found a nice lady to live with.... looking forward to pics of the event....

Daisy said...

Sheaffer, I am so glad that your party was such a success. I sure wish I could have seen you in your purple sash and crown!

Gale said...

Oh boy, Sheaffer, sounds like a great time was had by all! I know we're all waiting for pictures.

And I finally "googled" lemon squash, thinking it might be some exotic concoction, only to learn that it's lemonade! (From now on, I shall refer to it as lemon squast.) Please tell me you got some cake?

When you have a chance, check out Billie's blog -- what a treat you have in store!

I'm sure the woman will be over her nervous tics by tomorrow. It takes us humans a day or so to recover from these events. You, however, will be in the mood to party for days on end.

Hooray!!! What a great way to celebrate your birthday!

robert5721 said...

that is FANTASTIC !!!! I think Mr Jack is right though..maybe a day or two at the homeplace is in order, just to soothe the nerves? Then we can start conniving to outdo the donation levels for next year?? Maybe we can just do an advertising campaign to keep the donations coming in throuout the year..HMMMMMMMM....
keep it up, buddy..
let me know..
Mr Gale

Gale said...

Ooops, Mr. Gale just pointed out that I misspelled "lemon squash," but you know what I mean!

Uncle Ed said...

Hello All, I can give you a first hand report that the day was a great success. Sheaffer knows how to throw a mean party. Winsome Wendy had the honour of escorting Sheaffer to the cake presentation table and managed to sneak a piece of the icing from the birthday cake to Sheaffer. I'm sure no one noticed (or are too polite and won't snitch on him).

Sheaffer looked extremely regal with his purple sash and crown and it was of great honour that I was able to spend time with the laid back lad, for there were droves of adoring fans lined up wanting to see him.

It was a delight to meet the spunky Primrose and Russell who although being much older looked spry and invigorated by the goings on.

Thanks go out to Ben, Jerry and their humans for hosting Sheaffer's party. Rumour has it that Ben and Jerry had wanted the party theme to be punk rock thus the red and blue forelocks.

It was a pleasure to meet herself, although I believe Sheaffer wasn't sure why we wanted to talk to her. Sheaffer my lad I must say to lighten up on herself, for she does a lot for you that you do not even realize and you should give her some credit for the wonderful party.

As Always
Uncle Ed

ponymaid said...

Fred, Ginger and Beauteous Annie, thank you for your support. Quite right, we donkeys should have been allowed to graze over those hats as promised. I was slipped a taste of icing and plan further forays into that sphere asap. Life is so much easier when surrounded by friends - it limits the amount of abuse the woman can heap upon me. Next year you must pressure your woman into driving you here in your conveyance. The young donkey crowd wore colourful hair gel in Mohawk styles - being of that demographic you might wish to up the mane style ante.

BumbleVee, I have not met Edward Scissorhands but that remark caused the woman to inhale her morning tea into her left lung. Highly amusing. Thank you for that bright spot. You really are kind to think of creating donkey versions of Tuffy. I know they would be an immediate hit with yesterday's crowd, who were strongly pro-donkey biased. I'm hoping that next year you can deliver them in person?

Daisy, I had an official photographer there and he has promised many wonderful photos. For now I have to do with what the woman could produce but it may at least give an idea of my garb. Purple is definitely my colour of choice. I wish you could have been there to see me, too.

Gale, thank you, it was quite a satisfactory birthday celebration and I was honoured to lend my support to the PrimRose Sanctuary. I did try some carrot cake and could develop an affinity for that food group. My friend Smokey the horse said he had "a blast" which is high praise indeed. Billie's surprise was absolutely wonderful and I am touched by their thoughtfulness. I especially like the sign they made declaring 'Sheaffer wants cake!" Such insight.

Mr. Gale, it truly was fantastic. We were a united front in support of needy donkeys and we had a lovely time as well. Those are the kind of days worth remembering. And it even managed not to snow.

Gale, I don't care for that drink myself but apparently the Queen Mother consumed it by the gallon. The woman buys a condensed liquid in a bottle and adds water (it's the highest level of culinary art to which she has ascended). There is also Lime Cordial, which is the same idea but green.

Uncle Ed, I know you and the other humans in your group travelled far to attend my party and you can't imagine how much we appreciate it. How nice that I was able to spend some time with you while herself was flitting about aimlessly. At least I was able to fill you in on some of the trials of my everyday life. You are most kind to put in a good word for the woman - she was on her best behaviour but I can assure there is a darker side she keeps well hidden from the world. You should see the pathetic ration I receive at dinnertime - no icing whatsoever. From now on I am lobbying for icing on all my food. Willy and Bert are lucky to have you in their lives.

Gazelle said...

What a Wonderful Surprise ! When I came back from my Agility 101 class there were DONKEYS all over my Horse's farm ! And they were having a PARTY !! Wow Donkeys AND Cake ... I was just beside myself with excitement.

Then I learned that the party was in honour of Your Sheafferness' Birthday. Of course I just had to meet you and eventually it came to pass that we were introduced. I exercised my VERY BEST manners and it paid off. I got to give your noble little Donkey Face a BIRTHDAY KISS !! I think you liked it ... or at least you didn't mind too much, did you ??

Sheaffer you are one SPECIAL Donkey, and it was so very good of you to make your party into a Fundraiser for the lovely Lady PrimRose's Sanctuary. It was a great honour to make your acquaintance and I hope you'll celebrate your Birthday at Serendipity again next year.

P.S. Check out my new Blogger photo. That's us having our little meet and greet.


billie said...

I am beside myself with all the party photos to look at and admire!

I too have been pondering the mysterious beverage known as lemon squash - what a fun way to say lemonade!

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun in the photos. I think the woman should put at least one Sheaffer portrait in that is zoomable, b/c I am longing for a close look and can only get my aging near-sighted eyes so close to the computer screen. (these "progressive lenses" are not helping)

Happy birthday again, Sheaffer. I hope we get to hear your lingering impressions now that the flurry of activity has quietened and the woman has more time to type. (sometimes I feel she needs to hire you a personal assistant so we can have more Sheaffer ponderings!)

ponymaid said...

BouncyDog, the pleasure was truly mine. Your manners are exemplary and your coiffure distinguished. I did not mind a birthday buss in the least. If only all canines were as well brought up. Now that the woman's eyes have stopped strobing she is open to the idea of a second annual "do" for PrimRose. Emi is very kind to have lent her lovely place for the setting - she is a very small person with a very large heart. Ben and Jerry are lucky donkeys to have ended up there.

Billie, the pictures are miniscule indeed, especially as they are of the panoramic variety. Her technically challenged self is trying to install them on another place where they can be viewed in a larger format. We have a collection of about two hundred coming from my official photographer and I hope she can wrestle them onto the new site. I very much need a personal assistant - one with some skills that didn't stop evolving in the early Victorian era. I wonder if lemon squash is called that because the lemons must be pulverized?

billie said...

Sheaffer, tell the woman that if she ever needs a hand with photo/computer stuff, my husband is a software architect AND a landscape photographer - and I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

I think you're right about the lemon squash and the way it's made. :)

Smokey33 said...

Sheaffer... what a great party. I wore my special beer hat just for good times and then I get caught in a photo with a humungous purple one on my head! I could barely see out from under it. But all in good fun. You looked extremely dapper and regal at the same time in your attire. Wish my human had given me a sash, then she explained it was only for the birthday star. Well, My birthday is June 20th so I am hoping for at least some cake.
p.s. the haircut wasn't noticable at all.

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer = WOW what a party! Sounds like a good time was had by all - well except me cause I was home in the boiling hot sun.

LOVED the pics - I thought you looked great and didn't even notice the haircut.



Gazelle said...
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