Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Parchment Blew Up!

Just a hasty note from the repair shop -the dreaded electronic device has blown up or thrown a shoe or something. It's fairly dead. My apologies - if she listened to me and wrote by hand like a civilized person this wouldn't have happened. It's going to the electronics hospital and heaven knows when it will return...soon I hope, I have much to tell you.


Gazelle said...

Oh dear, this isn't good ! Maybe I'd better post my party pictures to tide everyone over until the woman gets back in control of her electronic device.

If you don't mind typing a million letters into your browser you can find them at:

I don't know why this looks like there's a capital S on the end of Sheaffers name. I input an 's when I created this album, but who can tell a computer how to do things !?

Gazelle said...

OK, let me try again. Poodles aren't all that computer literate after all.

It seems the address for my Web Album got truncated. After "Birth" it should continue dayParty#

Hope that makes sense to you all.

billie said...

Oh no, Sheaffer!! Tell the woman this is High Priority! We can't go long w/o your missives.

Bouncy Dog, you have totally made my day with those photos! I have blown Sheaffer up to huge proportions and marveled at his intelligent gaze.

And I loved seeing all the other guests. Nacho is a cutie-patootie, and Primrose, Ben and Jerry, and all the "big guys" are so handsome.

I have to say, that shot of Nacho in "jail" is a classic!!

And of course you and Sheaffer together - what great photos!

Thank you!

Nachodonkey said...

What a wonderful party! The weather was perfect. My grand daughter and I had a wonderful time and I think Nacho did too. He could hardly take in the fact that there were so many donkeys in one place and was so overwhelmed with the festivities he had to retire to the stall and lie down.

Sheaffer looked very regal in his party attire and he graciously allowed himself to be patted by one and all.

Thank you for posting the pictures Bouncy Dog. You are very photogenic!! There were so many people it was difficult to spot the regular bloggers. We did meet some new friends and met up with some old ones. I especially enjoyed meeting Primrose and Sheila. It was a great day!!!

Thank you Billie for the compliments, thank you Emi for allowing Nacho to sleep over and thank you Sheaffer for allowing us to come!! It was quite the occasion for my young man's first time out!!

Gale said...

Well, being so darned far away from all the festivities, I'm very happy to hear from those who were able to attend. LOVE the photos, Bouncy Dog!!!

Sheaffer, you look grand, as I knew you would! I hope you can find some papyrus or something to write on!

Buddy said...

HAy Bouncy Dog - great pics - especially of you and Sheaffer. All the pics were good - Nacho - what a handsome guy you are - my mom wants you to come live with us - me I'm not so sure - don't think I have lived with a donkey before.

All you equines looked very nice - and Sheaffer - the crown was over the top my fren!


Ben said...

I am so sorry to hear that your scribe has packed it in. Must be that good old English electrical wiring. Jerry and myself were most thrilled to meet you on Sunday, in fact as you may recall, I burst into spontaneous joyfull song. It was a Aria that I had composed in honour of the moment. Jerry, of course was festive in his punker red hair style. They foolishly tried to adorn me with blue. I had been forwarned by you so their efforts came to naught. One must maintain appearances after all. Speaking of appearences...You Looked Mauvelous! Just the right mixture of Traditional with a touch of Flash. Your speech was splendid, although it was occasionally drowned out by the Barn Man who seemed compelled to climb up on his soapbox every so often and shreik at the world. These humans are so odd. I was so happy to meet Sheila again as well. I understand a substantial amount of money was collected so that other Donkey's such as we may have a chance at greener pastures. Bouncy Dog, as usual you have shown yourself to be a Gentleman of Fine Breeding, I am most gratefull to you for allowing us to see your exceptional photo's. I would also like to thank all my new friends for coming to visit and enjoy the party.

South Valley Girl said...

Ah yes, the vagaries of 'lectricity - you just never know when those confounded things will turn on you.

BouncyDog, you are to be commended for posting the wonderful pictures of the party. I was devastated to be so far away on The Big Day, but your pictures go a long way to making me feel better about missing the party of the century.

Sheaffer... what can I say? You looked regal, you looked happy, and you looked loved. Wonderful, just wonderful.

robert5721 said...

your friend bouncy dog has EXCELLENT photos of the goings on at the should thank him for his artistic talents and efforts to bring your EXCELLENT PARTY to the whole world....I only WISH that I could have been there in person!!!! I also (AND DICEY) want to thank ALL who participated in this excellent adventure..goes to show that the whole world is not as screwed up as it might seem at times. YOU, SIR, ARE A REAL HERO TO MANY UNFORTUNATE DONKEYS, and will bring their plight to view and assistance worldwide..
YOU DID GET THE CARROT CAKE, RIGHT?? A JUST REWARD for a hero of your scope, sir! Say HI to Mr Jack for us at olde towne farm, and have a great time revelling in the just desserts of all of your efforts!!!!!!!!
Mr Gale

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Oh Sheaffer! Oh My! Parchment Paroxysm!!! How will we ever survive?! Bouncy Dog to the rescue! Thank you so much for the photograveur! Almost as good as being there. The photos are absolutely scrumptious. Kudos to the woman, et al, for organizing this whole wonderful effort for a cause as worthy as PrimRose! My daughter Pnut and I are unofficial members of the LongEars club, as our ears are at the extreme of the Horse Ear Length Spectrum. If you don't believe me, go look at ( and ( You'll have to copy and paste those addresses. I hope they come out alright.
Hope you get new Parchment soon!!!

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

No! Wait! I mean ( and ( scroll down to the 4th picture, with the blue ribbon...

Gazelle said...

Don't mind me. It seems I can now post pictures to a Web Album but I've managed to lose my Blogger photo. Just trying to get it back.

Gazelle said...
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ponymaid said...

BouncyDog, it's a very good thing you had one of your humans take those pictures. Call me a Luddite but these infernal machines have made dependents of us all. I have my collection of quill pens sharpened and standing by just in case the word machine is demised. Thank you for so kindly sharing your pictures.

Billie, if only I were closer to you I could rush the demonically possessed machine over to your male human to have him read it's entrails. Thank you for your kind offer of help. I wish you could have met all the donkeys and humans in person. It was an extraordinary day.

Nachodonkey, you should be very, very proud of your boy. His first sleepover and his first social event - he was a stellar young donkey. Just a year ago he was a throw-away donkey who hadn't known kindness and wouldn't let anyone near him. Now look at him. Another cause to celebrate.

Gale, thank you for your compliments on my wardrobe. I have some doubts as to authenticity but have decided to take the high road. I'm sorry you missed it but you weren't alone, the Queen was a no-show.

Buddy, I think you would like a companion like Nacho in your paddock -he's so lively and friendly that the time would just fly by. Think of all the wrestling you could do! And his voice is coming along very nicely - he could make any announcements you felt necessary.

Ben my boy, someone did a grand job with your upbringing. It was a great pleasure to meet you and Jerry and that was a fine aria you sang for me - did I detect a touch of Rossini? What a time we had, didn't we? Your human has a voice that carries well over distance and background noise - perhaps we should make him an honourary donkey? He was tireless in his efforts and much of the credit for our great success goes to him (and Emi human of course).

South Valley Girl, those were Jack's very words when I told him of the collapse of the writing machine. He is suspicious of anything he sees as "modrun" and in this case he has a point. It was a marvellous day indeed and I was so relieved to not have a purple tail-piece and flower appliques that the sash and crown suddenly seemed quite a relief.

Mr. Gale, Bouncy Dog stepped in an saved the day. His auxilliary human is an excellent photographer. You would have loved every minute of my party - especially the sight of me eating all sorts of forbidden foods, including - yes!- cake. The woman gave me dire warnings of indigestion but I felt fit as a fiddle. Jack is glad it's all over so I haven't told him of the long-range plans for next year.

CindyLouWho, they are trying to iron out the electronic parchment even as we speak. I will indeed visit your photo collection - you know of course that long ears are a sign of extreme intelligence and good listenership. I still can't get over your hat - such magnifcent elegance, such style, such lavish use of spring blooms! A true work of art.

Bouncy Dog, don't worry if you've lost your photo, I can remember what you look like.