Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This and That

Yes. Well. Jack had a marvellous time "writin" on what he calls my "blob" and I'm glad he got a chance to fill you in on some of his misadventures and trials. Egads, what a full and sometimes alarming life! Of course, I'm stuck doing daily battle with the woman for my rights but it somehow pales by comparison. I liked Sheila of PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary the minute I met her but now I have an even greater insight into what goes on there in terms of helping needy donkeys. It's a whole other world, I'm afraid.

"mrs primrose", as Jack calls Sheila, got the woman up to date on sanctuary news today, including the fact that TJ is allowing himself to be bribed into human contact as long as he is fed a steady stream of cinnamon hearts. I'm not surprised at his choice of bribe; sugary but with a strong, spicy finishing kick. He is part of the rougher crowd of under-ten-hands boys and they swagger around like a gang from "Westside Story" - without all that singing, thank goodness.

The extremely beauteous Annie mare is coming on Friday to take part in a weekend fundraising ride. We three boys are slicking down our eyebrows and practicing suave introductory lines. I'm not sure why. Last year she simply rolled her eyes, swished past us and got down to some serious grazing with Molly. Annie will stay for a few days before embarking like a princess onto the royal yacht (with wheels) and returning to her charges, Fred and Ginger Donkey.

I hope my correspondent, Uncle Ed, is feverishly at work on my ark. It's been so wet here we're all beginning to have layers of pale green mould growing on us. Those of us with desert origins need a few of those days that blister paint and cause the woman to steam slightly while toiling away in our rooms. I like my four feet planted firmly in the hot sand.


Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - come on over for a visit - its hot hot hot here - 110 today. We don't have sand but we have hot poof dirt - its like powder - its quite comfy to walk on. Dries out the hoofies but it feels good.

I have plenty of room for you,Jack and Doc.

Your fren,

ponymaid said...

Buddy, is your area called Paradise by any chance? Hot poofy powder sounds like heaven to me. I can't even imagine the dust baths...We need our trotters dried out - we've been living in a rice paddy for weeks. Emmmm, Molly has noticed the omission in your list of invitees - she's not taking it well.

Buddy said...

Molly - who is Molly???

Dust baths are the best - come on over Sheaffer - we will roll together!

Your fren,

billie said...

Oh dear - I noted the omission too (quite reasonable considering) and wondered - what drama will unfold NOW?

This morning I looked out the kitchen window to see Salina's black head sticking out of a stall window, while two young donkeys ran around and around the grass paddock.

We're having sunshine with odd little bursts of hard rain, then the sun comes back out.

The front field looks like someone just fertilized it.

ponymaid said...

Buddy, I am having a virtual dust bath with you even as I write. I told Molly you left the country - it seemed the safest thing to do, as she is my next door neighbour and a Molly scorned is a frightening Molly indeed.

Billie, on the Molly front I have decided to lie like a hearth rug to save my own skin. We also have extremely lush greenery but are we allowed to graze on it? Oh noooo! All because of a touch of rumoured cellulite. Pah! She should look in the mirror because passing judgement like that.