Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breakfasted on some corn leaves. The horses stuck to the more familar flakes of hay. No sense of adventure.

The human woman and the female horse went off in the cornfields, leaving us two boys locked in our stalls. The human says it's because if she leaves us out, we run up and down the fence bellowing and upsetting the female horse. Of course we do. Why shouldn't we all go out together? Fortunately I have enough volume and staying power that I was able to make myself heard through the walls and across the fields, causing the female horse to want to rush back to see what was wrong. Quite satisfying. I'm told my vocalizations sound like bagpipes inflating. There is much droning and air intake and then the most unearthly and amazing sounds break forth. Due to my never having smoked, I'm able to maintain a high decibel level for quite some time. Female human said "Thanks a lot!" when they returned, so I know my efforts were appreciated.

More coping with gale force winds. I'm surprised my ears are still intact. I do like the spell of unseasonably warm weather we're having. I'm able to bake myself against the side of the barn and retain so much heat that the humans can barely touch me. I think it's safe to say it's never too hot for a donkey.

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Bob Levasseur said...

Dear Sheaffer,

As a long standing fan of the Sheaff, I have been inspired to compose this rap song in honour of everyone's favorite donkey:

Yo, yo, in da' barn...

My name is Mista Sheaffer
I stand all of three foot three
My crib's a cozy barn at night
During da' day it's under a tree

The horses are my main peeps
We all live in da' rural hood
Naturally, grey is my gang colour
That is just the way it should

(Scratch, scratch)

We eat lots of hay and grass
Watch the traffic on the road
Count all the rails on the fence
If I get it right, I'll explode

Don't need to carry a gat
Got protection from Big Doc
You don't ever dis' Mista Shaeff
He gonna' clean yo' clock

Well, it's time to go now
It is sad, don't flip your wig
Peace out there Bros and Sistas
Gotta' go stare at a twig