Friday, October 26, 2007

Sheaffer the Sheriff

My paddock has been invaded by a hairy, black rodent with a huge furry tail (show off). I was standing, meditating, under a tree and there was a sudden outburst of abusive invective from somewhere overhead. A small, hideous face appeared, with a corn cob clutched in it's pointy yellow teeth. It shrieked at me in a foreign language and threatened me with a clenched paw. We spent the day sparring back and forth. Unfortunately he has the unfair advantage of being able to climb.

My own tail is growing so full that I inadvertently swished it through a burr patch today. It now has at least ten hairs at the bottom, two of which the human woman clumsily broke when removing the burrs. I need a stylist. And "product", to avoid these mishaps.

Elfwood, I will bear your offer in mind - I've met the curvaceous Annie and wouldn't mind sharing a paddock with her. Herb Massey-Ferguson sounds quite intriguing as well. I like anyone who stands quietly in a shed all day. And my "Elk" friend, I like your thinking - my new motto is "All Carrots All The Time".

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