Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The trials and tribulations of one small donkey

Although lacking opposable thumbs and standing only 8 hands tall, I feel it is important to share the daily trials I must endure as the smallest, but most intellectually most gifted equine of our group of three.

As you will see. I am a rather handsome, somewhat portly, distinguished donkey-about-town. I must confess, my ears are quite spectacular, especially compared to those of the other two. They have been compared to highly calibrated parabolic dishes, and I take that as a great compliment. Critics have compared my fur coat to steel wool but in fact it is like durable Harris tweed. I am a young twelve years and strive to maintain an air of dignified aloofness at all times. I do have a fondness for chewing wood and sometimes absentmindedly the tails of my horse friends. THEY don't mind but it causes the humans to shriek and flail their arms so I limit the activity to times when the humans are elsewhere.

As a keen observer of all that surrounds me and as one who forgets nothing that has happened within my world, I plan to share my musings, complaints and opinions. I would be pleased if you decide to join the select group of "Sheaffer-philes" who await my "bons mots" and the tales of my daily adventures.


Anne said...

Sheaffer, how great to see your creative writing skills. It reminds of my late great friend Hobbs. He would have liked this exchange. Looking forward to the postings.
Your friend(my neck is okay) Smokey

Maggie said...

I must attest, having met the esteemed Sheaffer, that he is indeed a marvellous equine specimen. He does live in the lap of luxury, with a lovely, wild-haired mother attending to his every need. Why, he even owns his own winter outerwear and feasts on heaps of carrots and other delectables. Make no mistake, he is the reigning king of the farm domain!

Raz said...


Your wit and command of the english language astounds me! You most certainly are a gifted and intelectual donkey. Please continue to enliven my daily life with these wonderful annecdotes of "donkey-ism"