Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19th (again)

Imagine my surprise when I stepped outside this morning and the wind nearly tied my ears in knots! Very unpleasant. Not to mention that my tail is somewhat lacking in volume owing to a baby donkey chewing it off years ago (I know, I know, taste of my own medicine etc.) and the wind plays havoc with my nether regions.

Got in a good bout of Greco-Roman wrestling with my friend Doc (the Jock) He's quite a bright orange colour and is built like a fireplug. He's taught me all the important stallion fight moves - including the behind the knee bite and the rear and strike ploy. I've added a donkey specialty; the both barrels with hind feet to the chest. He retaliates by chomping clumps of hair off my hindquarters, which makes me appear rather moth-eaten by spring. The female horse, Molly, is useless at the martial arts and just tosses her mane and goes off to eat some more grass.

Spent a satisfying afternoon watching the farm across the road. They grow acres of potatoes, so I keep an inventory of truck loads being hauled in. I conceal myself behind a shrub so I can make my observations unobserved. I've tried a stray potato and frankly, they just don't compare to a section of rail fence or leather halter for taste and texture.

The humans were out at a community dinner with friends, gorging themselves on turkey and pie. We were let into our rooms at least two hours late. I plan to file a formal complaint.

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