Friday, October 26, 2007

Sheaffer Rap

Yo, yo, in da' barn...
My name is Mista Sheaffer
I stand all of three foot three
My crib's a cozy barn at night

During da' day it's under a tree
The horses are my main peeps
We all live in da' rural hood
Naturally, grey is my gang colour
That is just the way it should

(Scratch, scratch)

We eat lots of hay and grass
Watch the traffic on the road
Count all the rails on the fence
If I get it right, I'll explode

Don't need to carry a gat
Got protection from Big Doc
You don't ever dis' Mista Shaeff
He gonna' clean yo' clock

Well, it's time to go now
It is sad, don't flip your wig
Peace out there Bros and Sistas
Gotta' go stare at a twig

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