Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sad Time at our place

Thank you, Elfwood. I haven't written in a few days because we're all in shock over losing our white cat. Someone was speeding on the road near our farm and killed her. She is buried near the fence she used to love to sit on. We miss her so much. She was a great friend of mine and used to play in my half flake of hay at dinner time. I was careful to eat around her and even though she would pretend to strike my nose, it was always done very gently and without claws. She also like to drink out of my water bucket.

When she was buried we all stood very quietly in a line by the fence and said our goodbyes. The human woman is very upset and doesn't like being in the barn, especially in the morning when she cleans our rooms. The cat always supervised and spent a lot of time purring and being patted by the woman. I suppose now we'll be over-run by herds of mice.



Elfwood said...

Sheaffer, I'm afraid all the supervisory weight will fall onto your small striped shoulders. I can't see how the human woman is possibly capable of carrying on without the support of a skilled manager. She can't even control her hair, let alone run a busy stable like yours.
I would love to give some bus tickets to Tilia, our own reluctant barn cat, to come to Mt A and take up supervision. She is hell on wheels in the mouse department and I'm sure you and Violet could teach her a thing or two about manners.
She believes that because she has ice green eyes with black eye liner, a very smart tabby tuxedo and impeccable white legs that she doesn't have to listen to anyone about anything.

Alex the Elk said...

Poor poor kitty... Have a carrot...