Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Alien In Our Midst

All I can say about this weather is that it's so good that we will eventually be punished by the weather gods - probably with hail and locusts. Mind you, the blackfiles are out and I was buzzed by a mosquito while we were walking in the woods today. That was as we were passing one of the last remaining patches of snow. In this country the seasons trample each other underfoot in their hurry to get started. Spring doesn't unfold gently, it grabs you by the throat and leaves you breathless with the shock of warm temperatures.

Doc's present from Ohio was a fly mask with bubble-like eye covers and today the woman put it on him. Doc is an unusually itchy horse and spends much of the summer rubbing on trees and trying to scratch his eyes on fences. He went in the barn to be groomed and when he came out, he was sporting his new gift. TJ rushed forward to meet him and then spun and ran when he saw the "new" Doc with green plaid eye pods. Doc of course was oblivious and just carried on but TJ snorted and ran around him in circles, sneaking up behind and deciding that he looked normal from that angle and then catching a glimpse of his head and coming completely unglued. All in all, it made for a delightful diversion on a fine day.

Our trailer came home from storage which means the woman and Molly will start going off on their adventures and coming back tired and smug. Damn their eyes - by all rights it's MY trailer.


billie said...

I am quite taken with this eye pod fly mask - do they come with ears?

ponymaid said...

billie - the eye pod affair does not come with ear covers, unfortunately. Doc would need those, even though he tends to rub them to shreds. The woman says you can see various eye pod masks at

I wish they made donkey masks - it would be nice to give TJ a start every time I turned to look at him.

CindyLouWho said...

Sheaffer, I think Cashel makes a mask for long-ears. Wouldn't it be fun to see TJ's face if he was surrounded by aliens! Not only Doc, but Molly and yourself! My pony almost had heart failure when my human put my mask on yesterday. then she put one on him and he understood.

billie said...

Thank you - will check them out.

I have been wondering if I ought to look for a donkey mask for Rafer Johnson. Although so far it seems that he is impervious to most pests - the gnats that love the horses' ears leave his untouched, as do those tiny black flies that adore horse bellies.

He does like a spray or two of our natural fly spray, and makes those happy donkey snorts whenever I offer!