Tuesday, April 15, 2008

blogg by tj

ole lard butt is passd out in sand ring so i wil rite my thorts today. he go zzzzzzZZZZzzzzsnork. hahaha!

Todae he showd me how to hav fun with a whelbaroe. you put yore hed in ther and pull hard and it go kerrrrash and everythin spil all over. maniak woman say "boys, boys, behav yorselves!" huh? what do that mean? ole donkey man sae it mean we are a oppressed mass an are slaves to a imperilist overlord. huh? i don care - itsa lotta fun.

then maniak spin doc in circules and i attak him from all sidez. then i get stuk in rope thing an maniak sa "boys, boys, try to behav yorselves!" that is mosly what she sae all dae. maniak an us is all hot an swetty when it finish. mor fun.

then maniak go and get metal long thing and stare at the groun and sa "i am gonna attak these weeds and kil them." see? she is krazy. she attak weeds and go puf puf snort and then she pul on one sooo hard she fal over bakward on huge butt. hahahahah! then she go mental an start talkin to weed things and dirt fly all ovr. she kil a few but many mor replace them. maybe she go totaly berserkk an they tak her away to a aukshun. its a bad place where i neerly go once. they turn you into meet.

uhoh, ole mans eye is openin. see ya.


Anonymous said...

Spring fever!
Hey tj
I have been practising yr moves on Fred with great success! Yesterday I galloped up behind him and launched my whole body onto his back! Then I just lay there and flashed my pearly whites. Fred stood there and pretended I didn't exist.

I am also perfecting my body slam.
Isn't spring great?

This week, we have managed to dismantle the "electric" fence - it wasn't even connected, which gave us access to a huge pile of delicious construction debris and many, many burdocks. Fred ate a 2x2 piece of "black joe" building sheathing and I had some too. We declared it tasty but not quite as yummy as the vinyl trim on the horse trailer, which for some reason, has been removed from our paddock.

Oh well, it left a great expanse for wrestling and rolling. The fat lady has taken to calling us the devilish duo, and the dreadful donkeys. Big guy calls us the Marx brothers and says we are delivering good entertainment value.

Whatever. I like devilish, myself.
Yrs in dust, Ginger

Anonymous said...
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Gale said...

Dear TJ,

I found something just for you, and I hope you will realize that, as cute as you are, you haven't cornered the market on cuteness:

Meet "Pete the Mini Mule"

As you mature, you may feel the need to start kindergarten. Keep watching and see how many treats Firefly gets. You're gonna love school:


And, when you feel ready to move on to higher education, try this! You and the "maniak," as you so unkindly refer to her, would have great fun. And think how jealous Doc would be!

Firefly Ground Drives:

Well, I wish I were smarter and able to put the above in direct links, but for now you'll have to make do with "cut and paste." And I will have to go back to school to improve my internet skills.

Are you up to the challenge, TJ?

ponymaid said...

pete is dumbe. i am much smater then him. i could do al that stuf but i don wanna. i hate skool and maniak cant make me go. i no everthin already.

tj who are much cuter then peete