Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Building An Ark

The human in the radio announced this morning that all records for rainfall in the month of July have been broken. I could have told him that. And there are five times the usual number of flies for this time of year. A scientist measured them but Jack and I have bites on our legs that give the true scientific measure of the horror. We are waterlogged and bug bitten.

We have decided to hole up in the run-in until the sun shows it's face again. Doc has thoughtfully pulled down so many bales of hay that we have a never-ending buffet. The horses spend their time rushing in and out between showers and as a result Molly developped an affliction called mud fever on her heels. She is taking pills and has a special pink cream that the woman smears on her sturdy ankles. Molly is thrilled with the extra attention and looks very smug in the crossties while she is being fussed over. The woman does not help the situation by referring to the cream "Barbie's Fetlock Ointment". Who is this Barbie creature anyway? And why is everything in her orbit pink?

I am quite worried about the potatoes. What if they all drown? I know from overhearing the humans that potatoes are prone to something called THE BLIGHT if waterlogged for more than a couple of days. When the humans speak in capital letters it means something is very serious indeed. Jack says he will only begin to worry if and when he hears the carrot crop is in danger. He just isn't as committed to the potato inventory as I am. I've been told I must be a reincarnation of an actuary/scientist/detective. I can't help it. My mind just works that way.


Buddy said...

Molly my dear - is there anything I can do for your beautiful ankles? Let me know sweetie - I will do anything for you to feel better and not have to wear pink - doesn't look good on us golden horses.


ponymaid said...

buddy, Molly's ankles are on recovery mode but she feels they would heal faster if you were at her side, holding her hoof. It's all nonsense of course, she just likes the idea of being infatuated with a tall, handsome, gentleman admirer. She is also mortified at having the wrong colour cream on her sturdy ankles - actually I heard the humans call them cankles...apparantly a term for extremely sturdy underpinnings.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
I feel bad that Molly is having "ankle" problems but I feel that she has had enough attention for the time being and that it is time to get the attention back to you. I must admit you looked quite stunning in your new flymask. After seeing the picture I put pressure on our woman to get flymasks with ears for my mom and me. After much phoning she tracked some down but it will take several weeks for them to arrive - just in time for the snow to start falling. Hopefully we will have them for next year. I agree about the flies tormenting our legs. We get sprayed three times a day and have a barn to hide out in so we are not suffering too badly. I have heard of owners having to resort to cutting the feet out of tube socks and using the socks as leg covers to give their poor donkeys some relief. I can never understahd why everyone spends all winter looking for to summer and the warmer weather. Life is so much easier when the weather is cold. Of course, in the winter when the weather is not ideal we are not expected to go out and brave the elements.

Your fan,


robert5721 said...

Have you ever tried to eat the green stuff on a potato plant that sticks up out of the ground? It looks rather green and delicious to me, but I am not a vegetablearian anyway,so I wanted to ask my resident expert on this sort of thing. You look great in your flymask and vaulting the big mean pipe thing..I'd be suspicious of something like that too if it appeared out of nowhere in my backyard....
Let me know about the potato tops if you can,
many thanks,
Mr Gale

Buddy said...

Oh Molly - I'm on my way beautiful - should be there sometime next month as I don't move real fast. I may stop at the tattoo parlor on the way - for something special - will get a reservation for you too!

Tell the woman - no more pink stuff on your beautiful ankles - see you soon!


billie said...

Sheaffer, I'm very impressed with your pole-vaulting skills!

We have had much rain here as well, and while it is welcome and very much needed, we are dealing with all kinds of mushrooms and odd things sprouting up all over the place.

Jack looks very happy these days. The photos of the two of you trekking are just lovely - I keep thinking you need a wooden staff. Not because you 'need' it of course, but just because it would look so distinguished.

Stay dry and keep those potatoes in check!

robert5721 said...

I wanted to ask how Jack's skin condition is doing? It looks pretty good in the pictures on the front of your blogsite..Please let me know about the potato greenery as well....
your firm fan
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Willy, those masks with the strange bunny-like ear covers are a miracle. I'm glad your human has some on order. My woman tried tube socks on me but they keep sliding down. She is trying to think of other options but by then Jack and I will have legs that look like bits of old carpet. Greasy old carpet because she keeps slathering various things on us.

buddy - you must stop encouraging her Molliness - she's as giddy as a teenage girl in a roomful of Jonas brothers (whoever they are, I overheard some nonsense about them on the radio).

Mr. Gale -that greenery tastes just awful. Jack and I both tried it and spat it out immediately. Too spinach-y. When we get access to the compost, spinach is one of the few things we recycle back out.

Jack is black and glossy these days - down to one dab of ISP cream on a new fly bite on his side and even that is giving up and healing. We others crunch up our Smarties but he eats them invidually and sucks on each one till there's nothing left. Dinner is taking him quite a while since the Smarties arrived.

billie - a walking staff! Yes! An elegant statement and a portable snack. I'll get the woman to find me something black and gnarled and Victorian and she can walk behind me like a Sherpa carrying it. I don't like the sound of those mushrooms - does young Rafer try to eat them? Has he had any particularly vivid dreams lately??

billie said...

LOL - I haven't noticed anyone here eating the mushrooms - thank goodness, as I have enough on my hands with horseflies and fire ants. Vivid dreams and hallucinations would likely do me in!

Everyone did get into some red clover two days ago and it was like slathering mad dogs for several hours. Good grief!

Jack looks terribly spiffy in his shiny healthy coat.

And I am ordering two of those donkey fly masks - one for Dr. Johnson and one for Redford, who will be joining us before we know it.

The day I walk out to feed breakfast and hear the sound of TWO donkeys braying will be a fine day indeed!