Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Trophy Has Arrived

At long last my trophy has arrived at our barn. It's not antique Victorian sterling silver, actually it's a shiny plastic and it's not three feet tall, it's closer to seven inches, but I'm nevertheless inordinately pleased. The motif is the winged goddess of Victory, holding aloft a laurel wreath, a classical theme which I find most suitable. The tall woman is at something called a cottage so she was not here for the photography session but the woman has taken some images that will give my readers a general idea of what the trophy looks like. The humans will install a shelf in my room to hold it and any future trophies.

The largest flying/biting insects in the known world have arrived and are making us feel like innocent villagers under sniper fire. These creatures are the size of a mini-carrot and have the ability to remove large chunks of our flesh. They are very clever and land on our backs where we can't dislodge them. The only options are to drop to our knees and begin rolling frantically or to gallop at high speed for the run-in and hope they don't follow us inside. The humans said they are the approximate size of a Hercules aircraft used for troop movement. I believe this to be true - it's the only logical explanation. Jack says they are one of the plagues mentioned in the bible and he must know because he was around when it was being written.

There is a disgraceful class division in our family of mixed species - the cat and dog live in the house with the humans and we are left to fend for ourselves in the much inferior barn. If we lived in the house the terrible plague flies couldn't bite us and we could help the humans with whatever it is they do in there. I simply don't understand their obvious prejudice, especially now that I am an award winner.


completecare said...

Congratulations Sheaffer, we are so proud of you for being brave enough to enter the Sports Day parade and to come away as an award winner. Having a trophy shelf installed in your room is a great idea. I am sure now that you have had a taste of glory you will have lots more trophies to add to you collection. My mom and I envy your worldly experiences.

Your fan,


robert5721 said...

CONGRADS there bud, you RULE, and Mules drool....remember??
Mr Gale

billie said...

Sheaffer, congratulations - what a wonderful tribute to your wonderfulness in that parade!

DelightfulR said...

Congrats Sheaffer! You definately need a shelf in your room.
You also need a mosquito net for your room. Ask for one of those cool safari one's!! Imagine the fun you and Jack would have!!
Your friend Piper(the horse)
Piper's mom

CindyLouWho said...

Oh Sheaffer, Congratulations! Your trophy is most lovely! There will undoubtedly be more accolades to keep it company in your award case. (The shelf is a good start.) Don't worry about the picture of you with trophy-hat. It is something you can smile about in years to come, when you remember waaay back to your first award...
As for living in the people house... I can see in the windows of my woman's house. Most of the time it looks too hot in there for me, and the rooms are way too small for me to comfortably navigate. Your size would be fine in the house, but the floors are terribly slippery for our hooves. Maybe your woman can install screens in the run-in and let you have your hay in there? We have it set up so we can go in and out of our house all day during the summer; the woman puts fresh bedding, hay, water in our rooms, and turns the fans on for us. We're not spoiled though... ;^)

ponymaid said...

Thank you my friends for your very good wishes! They still have not installed my trophy shelf but I can see my trophy sitting on a cupboard in the tack room. At least I know they haven't sold it to buy fripperies like straw hats etc. I'm sure it's quite valuable and highly desirable to those of a burglarious nature. I will remain vigilant.