Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Old Friends and Dignified Seasonal Greetings

One of the best things about this season is that old friends come to visit (one of the worst is having to dress up). Two female humans appeared yesterday to see me (although they were polite and spent some time in the house with our humans). I've known these two visiting humans all my life and was anxious to introduce them to Jack.

Jack was a bit worried at first - he feels that any stranger could be a potential abductor or abuser or axe murderer but when he saw how donkey-friendly they were, he relaxed and unpursed his lips. Mary Jane understood how worried Jack was so she crouched down at floor level and stayed very still. He grew much more comfortable and tried to climb in her lap. She is an extremely polite human and let us choose which brushes we liked and said many, many complimentary things about our appearance, intelligence, bravery, furriness etc. "Sheaffer, you're growing even more handsome with age and your tail is magnificently full", she said "and honestly, I don't know why anyone would say you're too full-figured - you're in peak condition." I draped myself over her shoulder and breathed heavily.

Mary Jane even managed to remove the dried food from Jack's beard. He becomes so literally wrapped up in his hot gruel that some of it ends up welded under his chin. He grows impatient with our woman and stomps off after only a few crumbs have been removed. Although it was bone-chillingly cold in the barn, Mary Jane stayed crouched down and gently worked away till his beard was nearly food-free. Meanwhile, Janet, the other visitor, held the ends of my ears to warm them up. Beard cleaning and ear warming; it was a most excellent, civilized, visit and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

The woman relented on the decorating front and has installed a low-key, yet festive, banner on our stall. I fervently hope we don't have to wear it at some point. You never know around here. She chopped up some apple pieces very fine so Jack wouldn't choke and put them in a bowl. Then the male human held them for us to eat while she took photos. They call it a photo-op but it is actually a thinly disguised bribe. We allowed ourselves to be bribed.


BumbleVee said...

Happy Christmas to you and your friends Sheaffer... I've only recently discovered your blog and have been going back in time to discover where it all began....thanks for a fun read......

billie said...

Merry Christmas!

Sheaffer, it sounds like you and Jack had a mini spa day - how wonderful!

The banner is lovely and so festive. Here's hoping you get some distinguished and useful gifts in your stocking this evening, and that Jack has the best Christmas ever with his new family.

I have to share about one special gift that arrived in the mail yesterday for Salina (Team R&R's very best friend, 25 years old with arthritic knees and amazing with her one eye). She does very well but when we have very cold nights/days, particularly if it comes on quickly, her knees get a bit stiff.

I have been bemoaning the fact that there are all sorts of gadgets about to affix ice to horses' legs, but nothing to help with warmth. But lo and behold I found a little company that makes "whinny warmers" - they are just like long leg warmers but for horses, and come in nice colors. I don't know how well they work yet, as it has now warmed up again here, but can't wait to put them on the very next cold night - in hopes that they are comfy and will keep Salina's knees toasty and mobile in the cold.

ponymaid said...

BumbleVee, thank you for your kind greetings and it's very nice to see you here. We're quite intrigued with the small picture next to your comments - does she have a name? We're so pleased to see you both.

Billie, season's greeting to your and yours! Jack says this is the first Christmas in years where he's actually having fun. He and I are both quite interested in those leg things - please let us know how they work out. Would they work on a donkey's ears, I wonder? Salina sounds like a very deserving and wonderful old girl. R&R are so lucky to have her supervising their every move.

Katie said...

Dear Sheaffer:

My family would like to send you a special interactive email card that is the closest I can find to Donkeys at Christmas Time (it's focussed on Reindeer, a second cousin, I suppose, but it's musical and fun, although there is far too much attention to the snow), but I need your email address to send it (I tried to do it through the Blog, but it won't work). Do you or the woman have an email address to forward the card? I think you'd enjoy it!

If not, then Merry Christmas wishes to you and your barn mates, Molly, Doc, and Jack, and because it is Christmas, a Merry Christmas greeting to the woman, the man, and the indoor animals, Violet and Daisy. Oh yes, and if you are forwarding Christmas wishes, our best to TJ in rehab at the PrimRose Club...

ToothFloater's Wife, ToothFloater, the Older Offspring, the Younger Offspring, and ... the ultimate force....Grandma

PS: the barn decorations look beeyoootiful! I saw Molly's head draped over the side admiring the festive banner! And you look so handsome!

billie said...

They might have tiny ones for minis that could double as donkey ear warmers - I will check on it and let you know. :)

Team R&R participated in a photo session this a.m. that I will get up on my blog later. I ran the camera battery out today taking photos and now it has to charge again before I can put them on the computer.

They have been allowed in the front field today for a romp with the herd. The horses are standing and eating hay, while the donkeys are galloping up and down the hill. Rafer Johnson is bucking and kicking up his heels, and all are happy to see more sunshine.

I thought of you and Jack - Salina was standing in the full sun, and her black coat had absorbed the heat. She was like a heating pad turned up on high - I know it feels good to her. If I could send something to you and Jack for Christmas, that would be it - a nice big container of warm sunshine.

Enjoy the festivities!

Katie said...

Oh dear! My apologies to the canine: I meant "Cindy".
No, I'm not imbibing at the moment!

ponymaid said...

Katie, thank you very much indeed. I look forward to the idea of a musical card and will endeavour to sing along. Jack's a bit deaf but I will sing close to his ear. As an early Christmas present, the woman has given me my own email account! I'm not exactly sure what it is, but if it permits further access to the outside world, then I'm all for it. My address is sheaffer1 at live.ca (that's a one after my name). We are very much looking forward to a visit from the extended Toothfloater family, including Granny, if she would care to join you. Til then, I hope your holidays are wonderful. Oh, the dog's name is Penny, but you can call her whatever you like. Not the cat though (Violet) or she'll exact painful vengeance. She is feline in the extreme...

Billie, I'm opening that enormous box of sunshine as we speak and trying to ignore the pouring rain outside...Thank you for enquiring about knee/ear warmers - the regular size might just fit Jack - his ears are generously proportioned. Wishing you all continued sunshine and sending you warmest thoughts.

Whinny said...

Hi Sheila!

We were wondering. We hadn't heard from you since sending the Whinny Warmers and wanted to know if they helped.

We would love to hear from you. I note that your site hasn't had much going on since Christmas and hope all is well with you and that it's only a case of being busy. We loved the photos of all the mini donkeys.
Please send us photos if you took any of them wearing their sporty warmers.

Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from you.

Raymond at Sox For Horses, Inc. 850-907-5724 if you want to give us a call.