Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Christmas Sogginess

The weather is completely out of control. After nearly suffocating in snowdrifts while enduring frostbite, it has now been pouring for an entire day. Water is creeping into the run-in, turning it into a mud pit and the melting snow has revealed all sorts of debris. We were let back in the barn around one o'clock and given hay and very deep beds so we could relax in comfort. I find myself strangely drawn to thoughts of building an ark.

My Christmas report is as follows. As far as I can tell, the humans spent the day in the house eating and unwrapping things. When the woman came out to do our night feed, she smelled strongly of poultry and apple cider. I don't care for the poultry aroma but the apple cider smell is quite pleasant. I should note here that we weren't offered any.

I received my usual Christmas fare; one plastic candy cane filled with stud muffins and a new bucket. Jack received a strange snacking device called a Likit. It hangs up and contains some sort of block of sweet stuff. I don't know what the woman is thinking - the veterinary dental torturer won't approve at all. Doc and Molly also got buckets and stud muffins. Very little imagination was shown this year. I expect the woman to put a little more thought into my Easter bucket.

The cat and dog received far superior presents. The dog got a toy that looks like a Santa Claus that has swallowed tennis ball. She also got a replacement for her rubber hamburger which has suffered irreparable collateral damage. Unfortunately, she received a bag of snacks that combine lamb and trout flavourings. Her breath smells like bilge water from an ocean-going fish factory. They may also have heroin in them as she has become fixated on the cupboard which holds the bag.

The cat received a hideous object called a Loofa toy - it is pink, furry, dog-shaped and has an alarmingly manic smile. It is stuffed with catnip and something crinkly, so she can become inebriated while driving everyone nearly mad with the sound effects. Continuing the fish theme, she received herring and whitefish snacks, which may also contain heroin. She drools when she sees the bag and like the dog, emanates a strong cloud of fish odour wherever she goes.

Jack and I took our "Merry Christmas" banner down today. We are in preparation for our New Year celebration. Removing the banner had the unexpected but rewarding result of seeing the woman crawling around on her hands and knees looking for the pins that affixed it to our stall. I'm afraid she found them all. I was looking forward to performing the role of a poor, suffering donkey who may (or may not) have swallowed one. Nothing much else to entertain us at this time of year.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and unlike the humans here, are not pale green and complaining about overeating. Oh well, at least they're confined to the house with the pervasive smell of canine/feline fish breath.


billie said...

Sheaffer, happiest of holidays! I thought I had left you a message on the previous posting but sometimes I type things out and then forget to hit the "publish your comment" button. Sigh.

It sounds like you all received nice gifts and I am very surprised to hear about Jack's Lik-It. I bet he loves it, but the dental person might get after the woman. (of course, that might be fun to watch, so you'll have to report on it when it happens!)

We had exactly two days of sunshine and now the fog and drizzle have returned. The only good thing is that it is not cold.

Rafer Johnson enjoyed peppermints on Christmas Day - the real thing - and Redford decided that while they smelled good, and he liked licking my fingers, he did not want that little red and white pinwheel thing in his mouth. He got a small version of the Jolly Ball to play with, but so far he much prefers trekking down the big hill to the sweetgum tree to continue all the horses' effort to de-frock the thing, bit by bit. This started last winter, and they have gone at it again.

Salina has been much relieved that Keil Bay has taken on the role of supervisor of young donks on their treks. Keil seems to feel quite important, sauntering down the hill with a purpose, and heading Redford away from anything Keil perceives as "not good for a young donkey."

I confess I secretly ordered small fleece blankets for Team R&R - but they did not yet arrive so will have to be post-holiday gifts. Along with some equine peppermints, new hoof picks, and several days' worth of apples and carrots mixed into their dinner tubs, that was the extent of the gifting.

You are absolutely right that the most precious and best gift is Rafer Johnson's healed leg, and his ability to turn out with his herd again. I have been limiting them to a half-day, in hopes of containing some of the wild donkey energy that comes pouring out. Redford sees the wide expanse of territory and it all goes right to his head. You can be sure that Rafer is not far behind.

I hope all of us get some dry weather and a bit of sunshine for the new year!

Buddy said...

Hay Sheaffer - you guys really lucked out Christmas. I got peppermint candies and mom's fren sent her a big box of apples and pears - she is sharing them with me so I consider it a gift as well. Nice day today - sunny and 40 degrees. New Years is to be warmer - can't wait.

Dougie Donk said...

Sheaffer, I am glad to hear that your human has at least been attempting to treat you with a degree of respect during this holiday period.

Mine decided that she needed a holiday & disappeared for two days to Oxford, which is one of England's historical seats of learning. Admittedly, she did entrust our care to a neighbour, so we had unlimited access to a big bale of hay & additional (large) feeds twice a day; but it is not fair to remove access to our rooms at this time of year!

I am most displeased and have refused all attempts at friendly contact since she deigned to return. Regrettably, the horses do not seem able to adopt this degree of dignity & charged across the field to receive large quantities of Polo peppermints. I will continue to maintain the moral high ground for some time. Sigh...

ponymaid said...

Billie, I hope the boys are enjoying their Christmas presents and also a bit of sunshine. I'm sure that with time Redford will figure out the extreme pleasure of peppermint - it's probably an acquired taste, and Rafer will lead by example.

Buddy, are you still working your way through the great big box of fruit - very sensible of your woman to enlist your help. Too much fruit is not good for humans. I await the photo of yourself in your blue jacket with anticipation. Molly is delerious.

Dougie, you are being most lenient with your woman. Continue cutting her dead for the next while. I too was prevented from going to Oxford with my humans and it still rankles to the core. If ever there was a city suited to donkeys that is the city. I also like the idea of travelling to Totleigh-In-The-Wold but she has squelched plan as well. I wanted to visit Lord Emsworth and meet the Empress of Blandings.

Buddy said...

tell me how to get the pic to you and I will send it.

robert5721 said...

the fish breath idea sounds disgusting....remind me NOT to visit there anytime soon....
Best of ALL to you and Mr Jack....
All of us here at Olde Towne Farm wish you the BEST !!!!
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Buddy - I have my own email address now - sheaffer1 at Molly can't wait to see an image of you in large format. I hope she doesn't faint- I'll be crushed.

Mr. Gale - those house animals are revolting and yet they live in there and we are out here...I simply can't fathom it. We're verrrrry excited about our present and maybe one day "she who must be obeyed" will actually let us see it. She promises photos. Thank you very much indeed.