Friday, May 2, 2008

Rain and Cats and Parades

There was a complete betrayal on the part of the weather today. Spring was recalled and a cold rain blew in on an even colder wind. The others went out in the paddock but I spent most of the day in the run-in, chewing on some hay the woman provided. The grass is so green and lush that there has been talk of the "Best Friends" grazing muzzle. I despise the wretched thing. I'm also very much afraid of being at the mercies of the lunatic mule, with only one of my ends able to defend the rest of me.

A large cat called a cougar/puma/mountain lion, depending on who you speak to, has been seen north of here. TJ was very curious and I tried to explain that it wasn't quite like the grey feline who lives in the house. He still bears the faint scars of her very sharp nails but of course that doesn't deter him in the least. "oh yeah", he said "i hope it comes here so i can whup it. i'm gonna grab its tale and spin it reel fast like doc on the rope thing. then bimbamboom, i'm gonna stomp it and then i'm gonna tro it over the fence". Oh Lord. Maybe I'll just try to send the large cat a message and ask it to please stop by the paddock and have a light, furry mule snack.

On a lighter note, I've been officially invited to take part in the Sports Day Parade in early June. I am to wear some sort of costume - I have hopes of a shooting jacket and pith helmet. With any luck it won't be -10 degrees with a savage north wind. I enjoyed my last parade but not the icy footing and threat of frostbite.


Gale said...

It sounds as though you have nothing to fear from the cougar. Just remember how the Native Americans never harmed anyone who was "touched" -- same principle applies here. One look at TJ and that cat will scamper to parts unknown!

Another parade for you, and a new opportunity to impress the public. This is great news! I am sure your woman will come up with a terrific sports theme for you, but if I should get any brilliant ideas while out mowing today (creative thinking time), I'll be sure to share them.

robert5721 said...

Sheaffer....NO NOT THE HANNIBAL LEICHTER TORTURE DEVICE !!!! those things are or ought to be illegal....should be BANNED for anything but that HIGH on your things to do as PRESIDENT.
Mr Gale

billie said...

I can't wait to see photos from the upcoming parade!

Re: cats... Rafer Johnson has been stalking cats of the average feline house variety today. Clearing them out of his barnyard. Once they show a little respect, he allows them to go belly up in front of him and he nuzzles their bellies.

Swelling is decreased to almost none! And who knew antibiotics crushed into applesauce would go over so well - I really expected a struggle but he almost seems to enjoy it.

ponymaid said...

Hahaha, Gale, if those Native Americans are right, TJ is safe for life!

Yes, Mr.Gale, I'm treated like a criminal just as the grazing reaches it's peak. I will be having a "burning of the muzzles" event when I become president. And the White House lawn will be open to all donkeys who need a quick snack while visiting the nation's capital.

billie, Rafer is showing the resilience of the extremely young. He is already putting this traumatic event firmly behind him and is open to any food bribes you care to offer, even if they contain medicinal elements. Smart lad. He'll go far.