Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Such Excitement

When the humans were out this morning, a most exciting event unfolded, though I really can't say what it was. I was trying to avoid TJ in the paddock by lurking behind the barn - his kamikaze tactics have left me with many missing patches of hair. Molly was inhaling grass and trying to catch Doc's eye and Doc was strategically facing away from her in case she mistakenly thought he was an available bachelor. TJ was strutting around, trying to incite mayhem and chasing birds. Just a typical day around here.

Then I noticed a lot of automobiles assembling at the potato farm across the road; some of them had large light displays attached to the roof. Others just looked like the everyday variety of human transportation. The drivers spoke to our neighbours and then donned an array of clothing gear I've never seen before. Then they all rushed off to the building that stands alone on the other corner from our farm. Good thing I'm blessed with unusually acute vision (I owe it all to carrots) because there was much sudden activity and rushing around. Then large vans and other vehicles arrived and there was more activity. Then a large truck with an arm arrived and a human was lifted to the top of the tall pole where he did a lot of things with wires. I simply cannot fathom what went on and am waiting for my humans to explain. TJ was all for going over and asking if they were mule torturers planning to abduct him but he feels everything is about him. I'm fairly sure this was unrelated to mules - or possibly another type of mule. I am a great observer of the human species but must admit their actions are sometimes simply baffling.

The woman told me I was being a "busybody" and to just let them get on with their job. Nonsense. We live out in practically the middle of nowhere so when something on this scale takes place right on our corner, I most certainly will oversee the operation. I mean, the potato farmers are extremely good friends and neighbours, but all they ever do is grow potatoes. I could hardly call myself a donkey if I didn't stick my head through the fence and stare intently at an apparantly unoccupied building that suddenly erupted into a hive of activity, could I?


billie said...

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to get the scoop!

We had a bit of excitement here today. Rafer Johnson and his equine minions (and I and my daughter) sat out a passing tornado. We just got the edge of it, thank goodness, and I had a sense of foreboding in time to call everyone in from the back field. And they all had enough sense to listen and come running right in.

Rafer feels we now qualify for starring roles in Twister: The Sequel.

Anonymous said...

Golly Rafer and Billie - tornadoes sound like a lot of fun - something we don't get enough of around here. The fat lady expects us to stay put in a tiny barren barnyard day after day.

Fred and I are doing our best to inject fun into our dull lives. We have tried our best to make it to Mt Albert but are being stymied at every turn.

Yesterday we squeezed between the big gate and the fence post and ran tra la la over the countryside. We headed west this time and got about half a mile before we came upon a very nice farm with white fences.

Little did we know that it housed a Parelli fiend who quickly snapped a halter on our halters (the fat lady doesn't let us out naked any more) and hustled us into his arena.

Imagine our despair when he got out a "carrot stick" and rudely flicked it on our bony little butts and frog-marched us to neighbour Terry's house. (Actually, there were some treats involved as well so you could say this was a carrot stick carrot approach.) We refused to go into Terry's barn with the result that we were once again marched down a stony road all the way home and locked into the barn.

The fat lady went apoplectic went she got home. She had a large orange box under her arm that said "Gallagher". Then she started hammering and nailing more boards on the fence. All was fine until she released the evil Annie from her paddock. Annie took up where the other torturers left off and chased us around the barnyard for 10 minutes. "And that's just for being good," said the fat lady.


billie said...

I'm beginning to get the feeling that donkeys love the traveling lifestyle... Rafer is having his own little adventures in freedom, although he does not venture quite as far as you two do!

I confess to wondering what TJ would have made of the tornado passing!

ponymaid said...

billie - we live in a tornado area also and the humans are constantly checking the sky during weather warnings. They assure me I'm in no danger because no mere tornado could lift my well-upholstered figure from the ground. Rafer sounds much like TJ - he's really quite interested in experiencing a tornado up close because he's convinced he could out-smart it.

Fred and Ginger - excellent work. We donkeys suffer from serious wanderlust and you're at the perfect age to travel abroad, expanding your horizons. Keep raising the bar and lowering the fence, despite what the fat lady threatens. I have heard of the Parelli cult - steer clear or they'll have you turned inside out before you know it. They use sorcery involving that carrot stick contraption and other non-sensical items to ply their craft. Ignore them. And remember, apoplexy is good for the fat lady -gives her complexion a rosy glow.