Thursday, May 8, 2008

TJ Stages A Sit-In

Six weeks has rolled by in the blink of an eye and so it was time for another visit from the foot man. We were haltered and ready in our stalls when he came and it was decided that TJ should be first as that would give him less time to get himself worked into a dither. He has been thinking about how he would deal with the foot man for the last six weeks and he insists he be allowed to give a blow-by-blow account of the proceedings. It was all so bizarre that I wouldn't attempt to describe it myself.

"ok so anyways i been thinkin hard fer tha las while and i was reddy for the foot guy. hullo tj buddy he sez and just clims inna my room all cashual. i show him my butt and when he tries to ketch me i spin and reer and try ta clim over inta mollys room an molly whomp me on the hed with her big fat nose. this gose on fer awhile and finaly he get aholt a my halter. when he try ta pick up my front foot i slide it under me so it stik out the other side and he cant get it. he get it annyways and then the othr wun and then he sa now tj we wil do the bak ones. so he start ta pic one up and i jus sit down and sta there. he sit down beside me and then he start ta laff an the woman laff and still i jus sit ther. i could sit there all day but finaly he say tj time to get up so i do and he finish mi bak feet but i think he get mi point witch is i don wanna get mi feet done. nex time i will think of a even beter thing to do and maibe he wil go away forevr."

What a ridiculous turn events. I was my usual sterling self and the woman made the foot man admit in front of me that I am a very clever donkey and in fact his favourite client. I felt it was important to demonstrate that we are not all barbarians in our barn. TJ is very taken with himself these days because the male human has been telling him he has an impressive mohawk hair style. I explained the origins of the term and after today's side show, he has decided to call himself Chief Sitting Mule. Next thing he'll be bragging that he remembers the days when the west was a sea of buffalo. His imagination and ego know no bounds.


OzArab said...

Honestly I don't know how you put up with that mule. Obviously you are a saint. (And btw, my woman tells me, Jesus rode a DONKEY not a mule).
My woman trimmed my feet yesterday. She often comments on how well I behave (unlike Snarky Mare who lives here too).
I think of your TJ-trials often and have instructed the woman to keep her eyes out for a donkey in need.
It would be nice to have someone *sensible* to talk to on hot summer days.

billie said...

Oh my gosh - Chief Sitting Mule - that is hilarious!

We must be on nearly the same schedule as our hoof man was here on Tuesday. As you will guess, Rafer Johnson supervised every single thing that was done to Salina's feet, and tried to unbuckle the farrier's apron to take it and all his tools.

Rafer is still learning about hoof trimming on himself, but it only took a minute before he realized he could lay his head on the farrier's back and just take a load off while getting the fronts done, and that his girl would, if pressed, hold his head up for him while the backs were done.

Hopefully as he matures, he will have a more Sheaffer-like approach to this!

Finn the Wonder Pony said...

Sheaffer, You are a saint to put up with TJ and let him tell his own story. Chief Sitting Mule indeed! Very Cute! My woman just received her Sheaffer t-shirts yesterday. She bought 3 so she could share with two of her best friends. She says not only are they lovely to look at and wear, they are inspirational as well. When one dons the shirt, one immediately feels more sophisticated and goes around thinking and saying, "My Excellence Confuses You." Thank you for your blog, your thoughts, and your efforts to help donkeys in need. BTW, my woman met one of your brethren in person the other day and is talking about maybe gracing our farm with someone like you...

robert5721 said...

Sheaffer, Chief Sitting Mule? He should be chief walking eagle, as he is so full of SH%^ he sure can't fly. I have to admit, sitting down was a bit inventive, but I bet he did it on an accident and just took advantage of it. At least you are back at the top of the foot man's favorite list without the pestilent mule to bother you there. You are a saint.
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

St. Sheaffer of the Donkeys - it does have a certain ring to it...TJ must be my hair shirt (all Saints seem to require them).

ozarab and cindylouwho, I suggest you rush out and invite at least two donkeys to move in with you. Life is always better with donkeys. And we make excellent horse guardians and supervisors. cindylou, I'm so glad you are enjoying the tee shirts - the woman finally received hers today and wore it out to the barn. Gave me quite a turn seeing myself displayed on her front.

billie, Rafer is right on track in his quest for knowledge. I hope the farrier unbuckled the apron and gave it to him?? Very important he be encouraged in his interests.

Mr. Gale, do you think TJ's mohawk is more in keeping with the "punk rock" movement? I think TJ Rotten or TJ Vicious would suit him admirably.

Gale said...

Sheaffer, it's very generous of you to allow TJ to tell us about important things in his own words, so please share this note with him.

TJ, just when I think I've heard and seen it all, you come up with something new (well, not new for those of us of a certain, ahem, generation). A sit-down strike, I love it! You and your farrier have a very special relationship and we are lucky to be able to see photos of his visits. Sheaffer may be your farrier's favorite client, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you are a very close second, judging from the look on your farrier's face. Now, then, don't your feet feel better?

Photos of you and your farrier are always wonderful!

robert5721 said...

let me ask, just how old is TJ? That might just have a bearing on his errant behavior?
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Gale, I passed your message on to TJ and it just made him look even more smug and muley.

Mr. Gale, TJ was two when he moved here but we don't know when his birthday is. I can assure you, his maturity level is that of a newborn flea. He's hyperactive, immature and a know-it-all. My polar opposite.