Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Creature Abides

Though I strongly encouraged the creature to crawl through the fence and make it's own way in the world, it just laughed and body checked me. He has an absolute mania for any sort of wrestling match and ambushed me when I was napping in the run-in. He said "Eeeeyaaah!" and launched himself at me, exclaiming "Ok, Grampa, lets see ya bust a move, hahahaha". I tried to pummel him but my substantial girth limits my range of moves. THEN, he began to mimic me, huffing and puffing and affecting a strange rolling walk. I gave chase but had to stop when I couldn't get air into my lungs.

Doc still thinks he's wonderful and even let him grab his hind leg above the hock and pretend to rip it off. Doc just lifted his leg clear of the ground to make it easier for him to play, and kept on eating his hay. This modern approach to child-rearing is responsible for the herds of similar delinquents out there.

The humans have decided to name him Jakob, his full name being Texas Jake because that's his place of origin. I still think Little Damien suits him to a tee. My parade is coming up on Saturday so I am trying to stay focussed on that. The audience expects a stellar performance from me and I can't arrive looking frazzled, with clumps of hair missing. My friend Alex the Elk will be there with his family - his mother is to be my partner - so I know I'll have at least a couple of hours respite from the monster child. I hope he's so jealous his hoofs turn green with envy.


Gale said...

Sheaffer, I am excited for you about Saturday's parade. You are going to SHINE, my friend. If there's anyway you can talk your humans into getting pictures of you performing, I know your readers would be thrilled!

Sounds like TJ is feeling more at home and is trying to buddy up with you by getting physical. That's okay, you can still outsmart him anyday. If you ignore him, he'll continue to pick on Doc, who seems more inclined to put up with playful assaults. But you might miss out on some fun and that would be a shame. Sometimes we have to just give a little and in the end, it works out better for us.

Alex the Elk said...

Heya!!! Ya it does take a while to get used to animals...

Anne said...

Hey Sheaffer, Smokey here again. What the hay has happened? I am away for a few days and all is chaos in your world. If you need a vacation you can always come stay with me. My barn door is always open for you pal!
I am jealous of you entering the highly regarded affair of the big jolly fellow himself. I was promised a trip to our local parade as well and now I find out the human says it will be poor weather and we are not to go now. Poo Poo! Another dissapoinment.
Just a suggestion but you should brush up on your James Bond moves and then when that evil creature lurks near you, you can effectively deal with him. I can show you a few moves myself, there may only involve a couple cuts that will require stitches, nothing to worry about.
Smokey :)