Monday, November 12, 2007

Immortalized in Watercolour

The woman human has been very busy entertaining other humans during something called "The Royal". They all get very excited and disappear for hours and return babbling about their "purchases" and different entertainments put on by horses. Finally, things seem back to what passes for normal around here.

The woman has been speaking of having my portrait done but I feared it was all empty words - much like the "treat" that turned out to be wormer followed by a microscopic cocktail carrot. However, she returned on Saturday with a black and white portrait of self that I feel captures my complex personality and rugged good looks. I had envisioned something in oil, measuring about 4ft. by by 6ft. that would hang in the National Gallery but am very pleased to be immortalized on paper. The artist is a talented young woman called Elise Genest and I am honoured to be her first donkey subject.

I assume they will hang my portrait on the back wall of my room, where I can gaze on it as I recline and contemplate my next diary entry. Given a choice, I would remain in my room until next May, but the woman is a fresh air fanatic and bustles us out the door at the crack of dawn. Insanity, of course, but I try to bear up under the strain.

My artist friend can be reached at Elise Genest 418-878-5006 or 418-204-4946. Her web site is and e-mail is elisegenest@hotmail.c0m I highly recommend her.


Alex the Elk said...

Gee! That women never gives you a break! =)

Anne said...

Your water colour portrait is very special. You are a lucky donkey!

Elfwood said...

Hey Sheaffer
That's her email address.
I think you meant to pen this web address for Elise:
It was great to see you - I hope you have had ponymaid remove the remains of a bale of hay from your broad back and that you will agree not to eat the new roses.