Thursday, November 29, 2007

An ILL Wind

The wind today was savage - much like little TJ -hahahaha! That's the name they've settled on after reading GALE's comment. His ears are only half as impressive as mine, so the wind can't blow in there and rattle around. I spent most of the day in the run-in and he ran back and forth between Doc, who was digging grass out of the snow, and myself, offering to wrestle with us both.

The woman seems to be concerned about the level of trauma he's endured - frankly, I'm the one being traumatized by HIM. She called Kyle at the Donkey Sanctuary and discussed how to help him relax and trust people. He gave her some ideas and I certainly hope it doesn't involve me being a father figure to him. I had hoped Kyle would suggest he be taken away in a small van and locked in a home for delinquents, but NO, it involves all of us being kind and patient and understanding...I just hope I still have time for my ruminations.

My cart will be decorated tomorrow - I plan to supervise the operation closely. Numerous cameras will be taken to the parade and I hope by Saturday evening to have some images on here. If the fire trucks are too loud, they may be more in the line of "action" shots.

1 comment:

Elfwood said...

Exercise warning in effect, Sheaffer!
I suspect that the woman has introduced the evil minimule in an attempt to "encourage" exercise. And that might entail puffing, grunting and sweating which may be very good for her but hardly appropriate for a dignified donkey who is studying at night to be a CA.
At all costs, you must attempt to remain immobile. Otherwise your distinguished figure could be at risk.
Good luck with the parade, by the way. Hope you can fit into between the shafts!