Sunday, November 4, 2007

Explorer Donkey

Last Sunday the human woman had a visitor. They appeared in my paddock, notepad in hand and the dog on her leash. They put on my travelling halter and we set off -I'm very keen on travel adventures. There was the usual sarcasm "Sheaffer, if you walk any slower you'll grow moss" sort of thing. I prefer to keep my steps slow and measured; I enjoy nature's buffet and sampling cannot be done at high speed.

We walked for awhile and came to the small green wooden bridge. I know perfectly well how to walk over it but prefer to push my toes against the edge, focus intently, and suddenly leap upwards, becoming airborne, then landing nimbly on the other side. The visitor exclaimed on the extraordinary view of my substantial abdominal area as I achieved mid-leap. They said I cast a shadow as large as the GoodYear blimp. I'm not sure what that is but I felt quite flattered.

Turned out our destination was the Pioneer Cemetery on our property. The humans were very keen on recording the information on some stone slabs for "posterity". The dog fussed and fidgeted but I took the opportunity to graze respectfully off to one side. We did get some rather overt stares from passing motorists but of course my appearance always draws attention.

On the way home, I stumbled slightly going down the steep hill (I was sampling some plant life) but fortunately the woman broke my potential fall. She was rather grumpy afterwards and made me walk beside her.

I have hopes of being included in future historical outings, though I sometimes find it embarrassing to be seen in the company of the woman. Her manners are shocking and her appearance disheveled but I try to take the high road and pretend not to notice.


Alex the Elk said...

Sorry that I havent replied for a while. I nhave had problems logging in... Good work! Give Sheafer a carrot for me!

P.S. When I picture Sheafer I picture Sprocket ....

Anne said...

Yo Dude! Smokey here. Been awhile as my woman caretaker has had myself and The Brutus Tucker out all over this green earth! You'd think the snow was coming and she needs to get in hours upon hours of riding in every sunny nice day! Sheesh!
I recently had my footwear removed as well, and this made my feet very sore for almost a week. The demanding woman says it is for my own good in the long run... what does she know? At least during that time she took Tucker on the road trips. I recently went to see two very pretty red heads at their Eastfork Farm. There are many other horses there but I like Cherries and Molly. Their owner, Debbie T., likes to ride the same as my woman, They are always laughing about stuff like... If you can't keep up with the girls, stay at home with the boys... Ride like the wind or get blown away!!! Silly mostly but I do like to run Really Really fast sometimes. My parents as you know where FAMOUS racehorses... but that is another story.
I am sure you are curious about the lovely and elegant Mocha. As always, treated like a queen and ruling with an iron hoof... She is in her glory to be back after a summer of ruling over younger prospects. Tucker and I take really good care of her and always make sure she feasts at the bowls of oats first. I tried to have a carrot or two before her one day and well let's just say I was wearing the dunce cap for awhile. (Kinda liked it though)
I got to go now as I have a chiropractic appointment this afternoon... the guy has hands of magic... I highly recommend him. Although he leaves bizarre exercises, like backing up and down hills, which I find I am doing daily... It is almost like being back in school. But I do feel really great!
By the way, sympathy for your friend... I would miss feline Elvis too.
Catch you on the next wave dude!

ponymaid said...

Alex - the woman hasn't given a carrot yet - probably ate it herself.

Alex the Elk said...

She hasn't given you a carrot yet?? We will have to talk about that!