Friday, November 30, 2007

Parade Day Minus One

The hideous weather was somewhat mitigated by my being able to supervise the decoration of my cart. The woman's friend who will be my driving partner arrived with a whole box of shiny rope-like things (they looked quite tasty) and the two of them proceeded to transform my red and green cart into a splendid looking chariot. There are more decorations for my person but those will be attached once I am wearing my black harness - I hope they don't use staples.

TJ, the delinquent mule, demonstrated his street moves today when he suddenly sprinted after a flock of crows in our paddock and came so close to catching one that feathers flew all over. The crows sat in the tree and squawked about it for ages. I've noticed that even the swaggering squirrel is lying low since TJ's arrival. He's 31inches of pure terror.

I must get my beauty rest - it wouldn't do to be seen in public with bags under my eyes. I will compose a tell-all post tomorrow evening.


Gale said...

Oh Sheaffer! You are something else! I know your human wouldn't even THINK of using staples near your...ummm...substantial wonderful donkeyness...and certainly not while in harness. Please don't eat the tinsel; it has a harsh metallic taste and your chariot just wouldn't look right if there were chunks of tinsel missing.

And good on TJ for finding crows to challenge. You just never know when such a brazen practice attack on seemingly harmless crows might come in handy! And squirrels, well, hardly worth mentioning...little more than chattering rodents, right?

Get a good rest tonight, prance proudly tomorrow, and smile for some wonderful photographic memories, you beautiful boy!

Alex the Elk said...

Well that was fun eh Sheaff?