Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Good Friend Smokey

It was so good to hear from my old friend Smokey in the comments section of my last post. How I miss the big gallumph! I'm not surprised he needed a chiropractor. He doesn't ever worry about bodily harm, which makes him a very relaxed individual but which sometimes leads to - ahem - mishaps.

In the week he stayed with us he accumulated an impressive number of scars. He was rushing to the barn for his grain feed (approx. four oats - he's an easy keeper), when he stubbed his toe on the hill going down to the barn. He rolled over and over like a huge rubber ball and crashed into the side of the barn with the most amazing sound effects. The woman went a very pale shade of greenish-white, but up he sprang, shaking off the dirt, and continued into the barn for his feed. Then he got the bucket stuck on his foot when he exited his stall and the woman had to pry it off. Then there was the unfortunate incident of my tooth marks somehow ending up on his jugular...but I, ahhh, forget the details of that one.

The day before he was to go home, Doc chased him right through our rail fence. Smokey said he was just fine but the woman called the vet because he had a gash on his shoulder. I supervised the whole suturing procedure and can tell you that it doesn't take much sedative to turn Smokey into a stumbling, pie-eyed drunk. Highly amusing from my side of the stall guard. The woman and the vet had to nearly carry him back to his stall, where he slept it off, snoring contentedly.

He's had numerous other adventures but probably the best was when he fell flat on his face while he was strolling in the forest. His human was projected into a healthy patch of poison ivy and apparantly Smokey stayed on his knees for awhile to take in the spectacle. The human was very itchy for a long time after but fortunately Smokey emerged unscathed with not an itch of his own to scratch.

I'll update my readers as the further adventures of Smokey unfold. He actually fell off his trailer the last time he visited so I know he remains in a a state of permanent non-stress.


Anne said...

Sheaff...buddy! Just wanted to let you know that my chiro appt. was great..that man really makes me sleepy! Really excited to see my name in print and I will update you on my adventures as they occur. I heard that you may have gotten snow this morning!Personally, I love it. Dashing in the drfits and charging over icey patches... it's all in the technique. you should try it. However, it is sunny and actually quite nice today. Catch ya later :)
Your bro, Smokey

Alex the Elk said...

I need to meet Smokey...

Gale said...

I LOOOVVVEEE this blog! More, more please! Very well done, thank you. If I could, I'd read this aloud to my donkeys (and they would listen).

ponymaid said...

Gale - thank you for your kind words! I understand you are the sort of human who quite rightly puts donkeys high on her list of important people. I think reading to donkeys is a wonderful idea, as we are intent listeners and love to digest new information. I myself have digested a number of pages over the years, but the feed bag labels taste the best.