Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bah Humbug!!

The weather is targeting me personally. It must be. The woman put me back in my room around 11am so I woudn't become too soggy. It takes me a very long time to dry out. TJ first said he wanted to be in and then he wanted to be out...typical. He stayed out and got soaked. Molly mare came in with snow in her feet and did a spectacular and klutzy version of a horse on skates when she hit the aisle floor. She stopped when she kaboomed into the door at the end of the barn. The woman just stood there shaking her head, mumbling about collateral damage.

We had a long driveway at our former place and as a mere stripling I used to gallop up and down it at high speed. If it was icy, I could attain cruising speed and then lock my legs and slide for miles. I also perfected a sitting-on-my-bottom-sliding stunt on particularly icy occasions. Unfortunately, my bottom is somewhat larger these days and doesn't lend itself to sliding. Ahhh, the heady days of youth. I've been regaling TJ with tales of my younger days and he's most unappreicative and says "Shut it, Grampaw", and runs off doing what he considers daring moves in the snow. Pathetic, really.

I hope to melt the snow overnight through sheer willpower but I have doubts...


Gale said...

Sheaffer, just a quick note....you've put up with enough backtack from TJ. I think it's time for you to put TJ in his place...OUTSIDE, in the SNOW! Put your considerable "bottom" to good use. C'mon, you can do it. I have faith.

Anonymous said...

Sheaffer and doing anything fit don't mix. (For comment above). And Sheaff, how can ya hate the snow! The snow is what gives us kids our SNOW DAYS!!!! If we don't get at least 345,543,234 snow days a year we explode!

Gale said...

Sheaffer, today was pedicure day and I made certain to get some photos for you to share with TJ. When he sees a picture of our farrier, he might figure out that it doesn't pay to argue.

Here's our farrier working on Honeybun; he says she has perfect little feet.


And here's 9 month old Cavalier demanding to be next.


And finally, a shot of the entire fan club hoping they can line up to do it all over again.


Hope the pics come through okay for you! If not, let me know another way to send them?

ponymaid said...

gale, I would dearly love to show those photos to young TJ but we can't seem to access them. The woman even tried to type in the address herself (mind you, she is a bit challenged) and we can get to photobucket but not your photos. Is there a file name we can use once we're in photobucket? Life was so much easier when communication was with quill pen and parchment and all likenesses were in oil...I suppose it would take you awhile to transfer all these pictures to an oil and canvas medium?

Gale said...

Sheaffer, if you ask your "mom" to copy and paste the photo link into the "address" (the URL) line, perhaps the photos will pop up?

If not, maybe your mom could email me at galefb@hotmail and I can send the pictures directly to her. Then you and TJ can both become official members of the Eric the Farrier Fan Club!