Saturday, December 1, 2007

Resounding Success

The day dawned bitterly cold but it didn't hamper our festive spirit and we arrived at the parade assembly area in good time. This was only my second public event and there was lots of commotion, noisy vehicles and excited children before we even got started. The humans were hampered in their hitching by blue frozen fingers but I stood like a statue, even when they put first antlers, then a Santa hat, on my head, and silver rope reins on my bridle.

Our place in the parade was between a float depicting something called a Ratatouille Movie and behind, an enormous green gravel truck decorated with what appeared to be comatose midgets - I'm told they were actually "elves", strapped to the front. As we progressed, the crowd grew larger and whenever we approached we heard "Ooooooo, look, it's a ....donkey/burro/errr, what is it"? The footing was rather greasy and given my refined foot size, I had to pick my way carefully through the slush.

Fortunately the route is only four blocks long with just one gentle hill, so the spectators didn't hear too much heavy breathing from self. Including my driving partner, Alex the Elk's mother, I had an entourage of six people, the two younger ones passing out candy canes to the public. I realize from today's tour that I quite like the idea of city living and would be content in a second floor flat with central heating and lots of windows with heavy draperies where I could hide and watch street-level activity. Living in a barn pales by comparison. I'm an urban soul forced to live in a rural setting.

Speaking of "rural", young TJ was amazed to see me hop in the dreaded metal box with aplomb and return victorious a few hours later. He expressed his amazement by leaping on me - it seems to be his one reaction to everything in his life. Sigh.

I received many treats and much adulation, so the venture ended on a high note. I will post a couple of photos - the camera froze, so there will be more later from more robust photographic units.


Anonymous said...

Sheaff you were great!!!

Gale said...

Wonderful, wonderful, can you hear me clapping, Sheaffer? Well, of course you were the hit of the parade, how could you NOT be? Doesn't it amaze you that so many people have been deprived of actually seeing and perhaps even touching a donkey such as yourself? Only your second public appearance? I have a feeling you might get more opportunities to experience city life since this outing was so successful.

And TJ missed you! You see? You've already had a profound influence on him and he looks up to you, thus the overzealous "welcome home." Perhaps next year's parade will find you leading the way with TJ bringing up the rear dressed as an elf.

Please thank your human friends for sharing your wonderful photos with us here. I hope you'll get a candy cane snack before bedtime and a well-deserved rest. Sweet dreams, Sheaffer, you earned them!

ponymaid said...

gale, thank you for your support and encouragement.I think you're right - I love the limelight and I hope more social occasions are in my future. I've been invited to participate in the Sports Day Parade in June, when the weather will be more human and donkey friendly. I like the idea of dressing up TJ but see him in a striped suit, pulling a ball and chain...hehhehheh. I suspect criminal elements lurk in his family tree.

Red Serge said...

Dear Sheaffer

I have been meaning to write but I am such a laid back West Coast equine that I could not find time between my lattes, yoga and feng shui consultations for my new stall.

What are they doing to you??? And what is that white stuff on the ground????

I think your female human came to pay homage to me a few months ago and was dazzled by my athleticism. I have since removed a hind shoe in mid-air and am lame.

You are lucky that your new field mate is not a cow - true spawn of the devil and very noisy too.

So glad to be in touch. I had hired some squirrels to post on my behalf many posts ago - the big one was named Clifford - totally irresponsible little tykes.

Until next time.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
We have never met personally but I feel I know you well. Every few days my "human" comes to the barn with another "Sheaffer adventure". My mom and I enjoy listening to these stories and then we spend much of day discussing your exciting life. That is when, we are not eating or nodding off.

Congratulations on your successful
participation in the Santa Claus parade. You are a very brave little donkey to battle the crowds that seem to be everywhere at this time of year.

My mom and I live with seven retired horses so our most exciting adventures involve teasing, harassing and tormenting the retirees. Guess who controls the herd? Donkeys Rule!!!!!

Take care and enjoy your day standing in the run in shed watching the world go by.

Your fan,