Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Was that the SUN??

We were quite surprised this afternoon when the clouds parted and the sun burst forth. The woman put our hay out in front of the barn and we thawed out and soaked up the warmth. I find the best way to take advantage of these moments is to press myself against the side of the barn as flat as possible - though it does tend to make my midriff bulge out further on one side.

TJ is finally settling down somewhat. The woman explained to him that he can harass Doc as much as he likes but that I don't appreciate his highly physical sense of humour. Molly lets me hide behind her so that gives me another avenue of escape. You'd need a bulldozer to move Molly when she decides to stay put and she makes such savage faces at him that he pretends he has something else to do.

The seasonal paraphanalia is appearing - but we don't get any at the barn because we feel the need to - ummm - rearrange it. At our other place, Doc and I were allowed to roam on the property and we discovered a huge mass of greenery tied to a porch light. Doc pulled it down and we were so disappointed to find it a fake that we tore it to shreds and trampled the remains. We moved on to a string of coloured lights around the door and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly popping each one and sampling the broken bits. Along comes herself and goes stark staring bonkers. Calls us idiots and vandals and a few other things. I'm not sure how she knew it was us because we were quietly standing by the gate but maybe the hoofprints had something to do with it. We did get a hot bran mash to help the bits get through the system, so that was an upside.

We always get some of the seasonal mints as treats - they're called candycanes - and the male human delivers a bucket of stud muffins on December 25th, but that's as festive as we're allowed to get. The woman says if we get too festive, she'll have to be locked up...hmmmm.


completecare said...

Hi again Sheaffer,

Now that my human has figured out the "google" thing I will be able to correspond with you on a more regular basis.

I too have a similar problem with my midriff bulge. When I stretch out flat on the ground to soak up the sunshine I have heard unkind comments such as "beached whale". Little do people realize what good hearing we donkeys have and how sensitive we are about our ample waistlines.

When I first moved here with my mother I used to hide behind her all the time. I don't think any barn visitors ever got to see me for about the first two years. Now, I am quite a confident donkey and will march right up and meet problems/people head on. Hopefully TJ will just give up and leave you in peace to meditate and to enjoy the finer things in life.

Your fan,


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Locked up eh?

Smokey33 said...

You are a star! How many autographs did you sign? It was a chilly day with Jolly Nick but you sure looked great!
I was out with my human in the Icy, shimmery forest on Tuesday and what a great ride. We meandered for two hours in the ice palace of trees. The footing was excellent as the smelly, noisy ski machines had gone previous to us and left great krunchy snow for traction. I was good for a couple canters but the woman said it was too cold on her face and caused tears. I rode with my buddy Whiskey and he was feeling the energy too!
Hope you are tucked in the barn at night andare keeping cosy.
See ya!

Gale said...

Hi Sheaffer! Time to catch up.

We had some snow yesterday and it’s quite chilly here now though sunny and bright. And I see all our donkeys standing in the sunshine soaking up as much as they can before the sun goes down. Then I’ll tote some nice warm water to them before bedtime; oh how they guzzle it down!

I’m glad you have Doc and Molly to help you manage TJ. He’s a persistent little devil, isn’t he? Maybe one of these days, perhaps after Christmas when life isn’t quite so hectic, you could talk your human into posting a picture or three of your friends…yeah, including TJ. I bet your other fans would also like to see what you have to put up with, ha ha!

Your adventure with the Christmas greenery and lights was pretty daring. Glad you two weren’t harmed by the crunchy glass bits. I’m sure “herself” only called you horrid names because she was so frightened for you and Doc when she discovered you had trashed the decorations. Maybe just stick to stealing the broom for a while; that seems to work in our barn.

Anonymous said...

Wait did you say light bulbs!?! Sheaff, man you should have told me! I love those! Their crunchy delectable taste... Were they the green and red ones?! They are the best!