Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tree in House Day

We had our hay in the sun in front of the barn again and it's really the only thing that makes these dark days of winter worthwhile. The snow is as high as a donkey's kneecaps. TJ doesn't care, just charges around all over like a tiny, demonic snow plow. He and Doc staged a Wrestlemania match and Doc ended up licking his face so thoroughly afterwards that it looks like he's wearing glue.

The humans drove off after lunch, clutching various saws, and sure enough, they returned with a tree trussed up on the roof of the car. Every year they go through this ritual - I assume it's so they have something to snack on. Molly was very excited when they returned and ran to meet them while whinnying - of course she thought it was a snack for her. That horse could stay fat in a lunar landscape.

GALE, I would love to see the pictures of your donkeys. I showed TJ how a civilized equine stands for their foot care but he simply can't take it in. Maybe an image of other donkeys being equally composed would help. Can you include it with your comment? I feel the more donkey-influence in his life the better. Just between us, Doc isn't always the best role model - he's inclined toward immaturity himself, even though he's 13 years old.

I will try to post images of the others. The woman took some this morning before the camera froze. You can see for yourself just how intimidating TJ really is. Quite massive and brawny.

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Anonymous said...

Man you are as annoyed with TJ as I am with my brither. I've gotten used to conversations like this though...

"Alex! Let me on the la-"