Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day Of Boxes

Apparently that's what today is. I've been keeping a close watch in case some rogue boxes try to sneak up on me, but nothing so far. I have an intense fear and loathing of all boxes. We once had a young female donkey staying with us and when she discovered this deep-seated fear of mine, she went out of her way to find these cardboard demons, sneak up behind me and press them against my person. My heart rate soars just thinking about it.

The woman left a broom within my reach last night so I used the opportunity to give myself a good dental cleaning. First gnawing the wooden handle and then massaging my gums vigorously with the bristles. It felt wonderful but the woman just sighed and said "Oh Sheaffer, not again."
You'd think she'd appreciate my attention to proper dental care.

She also met my secret friend, though that was unintentional on his part. He's a small, brown, furry creature with long back legs, long ears and a very nervous disposition. He reminds me of my great aunt who got caught with the cooking sherry. He likes to come in the run-in and rummage around in the hay but always makes sure to leave when he hears the house door shut. Today he didn't hear it and the woman was almost in the run-in when he noticed her. Well! The excitement! He shot straight up the wall and then out the door, almost colliding with her and the dog. The woman leapt backwards, flailing her arms in the air and the dog shot off after him, yipping and yapping with excitement. Poor creature, I hope he comes back. He's excellent company; quiet, timid and polite - the complete antithesis of TJ.

Gale, I'm not sure about this New Year's thing. The humans said something incomprehensible about TJ wearing a diaper and being the "New" year and me wearing a flowing robe, grey beard and carrying a walking staff and being the "Old" year. I'll let you know when I find out what it all means. They have a primitive and poorly developed sense of humour, which I fear is at play here.


Gale said...

I'm so glad you've explained the magic of brooms, Sheaffer. And all this time, I thought Whisper's attraction to the broom was her desire to help me clean the donkeys' living room. But, why oh why would her friend Folly keep trying to empty the carefully filled manure tub? The donkeys here go to great lengths to "help out" so sometimes I just shake my head and laugh with them.

Your secret friend is a rabbit? I cannot imagine that he'd be looking for stray bits of grain...not that he'd find them in YOUR run-in, LOL! I hope that the dog wasn't able to catch him. Speaking of dogs, how do you get along with the one at your house?

As for New Year's, I do think you proved yourself quite well with the Christmas Parade. But perhaps your humans just can't resist the idea of dressing you up once more before 2007 disappears. Although I agree with your comment about the "primitive and poorly developed sense of humor" we humans sometimes have, wearing a long robe and a grey beard wouldn't be half as humiliating as wearing a diaper. If you explain this to TJ, perhaps he'll shape up a bit!

Anonymous said...

Heya Sheaff! I haven't commented for a while (blame the educational system) so I thought I would read what I've missed. Merry Christmas!

~Alex the Elk~

ponymaid said...

Gale, we donkeys pride ourselves on being extremely helpful and on offering continuous advice and opinions whenever a human is at work within our orbit. I myself have tipped many manure-laden wheelbarrows - merely to ensure the contents are safe for humans to push to the "wasteland". We're constantly thinking of your well-being, though you humans seem to use the word "interference" when thanking us. My gums feel wonderful, by the way. Whisper is desperately trying to tell you that she lives in fear of periodontal disease. Better give her your best broom immediately.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,
I'm pleased to hear that you made good use of your human's broom. I have never had access to a broom but have been known to gnaw on the wheelbarrow handles as a way of keeping my pearly whites in good condition. Nothing feels better than a set of freshly flossed teeth. All wheelbarrows now have their handles wrapped in vetwrap to protect delicate human hands from splinters!!!!

My mom and I would never think of helping our human clean our apartment - that is human work not donkey work. We have a two bedroom suite with an open concept living and dining room. It is quite spacious with good air circulation
and is arranged so we can see what is going on in the rest of the barn. When we have to stay inside because it is cold, windy, raining, snowing etc. we can keep an eye on all the comings and goings. We can also see the house so we know when to sound the "we are starving" alarm. My mom is the world's best - the neighbours three places down from us can hear her when she is in "good" voice.

I hope your humans change their minds about dressing you and TJ up for New Years but on the other hand long flowing robes can be quite slimming.

Happy New Year to you and all your blog friends.

Your Fan,


ponymaid said...

Willy, I am very jealous of your suite of rooms. I'm roughing out some architectural drawings so the woman can add on to my quarters. And your human must be very proud of your mum's voice - it's a musical gift to be nurtured. I know when I break out in full voice the woman says "Sheaffer, that's just unearthly" or "I seem to be bleeding from the ears" or some other phrase that shows her appreciation.

Gale, the dog and I have worked out a truce - we simply look through each other. Other canines I make every effort to anihilate. And squirrels. TJ has a deep hatred of crows and has come very close to stomping one.