Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Belated Happy New Year

Very best wishes to all my readers - may the coming year treat you well and bring you the things you need. Carrots, stud muffins, deep bedding etc. And most of all, may it be mule-free.

Said mule is making some progress down the road to civility - some, not a lot. He has finally agreed that brushing does not cause him pain and has stopped grinding his teeth and pinning his ears when the woman grooms him very gently. Yesterday she got a halter on him for the first time since he moved here. He was upset and angry at first but accepted a steady stream of treats as a settlement. Today he was somewhat better at being haltered. I have explained the management of humans to him at great length but he remains wary - he says every human he's met is randomly berserk and he's waiting for the woman to show her true colours. I reassured him that she is simple but well-meaning.

We're enduring arctic temperatures and today I accumulated an impressive beard of icicles. It grew so large that it clanked and rattled when I moved around. It all began when I made the mistake of having a drink of water and the woman said I looked like a member of an orchestra called ZZ Top - it must be a classical group with which I am unfamiliar.


Gale said...

Sheaffer, I think between your expert supervision and the calming efforts of the woman, little TJ is making excellent progress. Who could possibly resist brushing once they figure out how good it feels? Treats can't hurt either. I hope you manage to weasel a few for yourself as a reward for your help in civilizing TJ.

Personally, I've always liked ZZ Top's music, but I think it might be more suited to TJ's rambunctious personality. Maybe some Brahms lullabies or quiet classical guitar would have a calming influence. Great for napping anyway!

So, which was it, the long robe or the diaper? Next holiday: Ground Hog Day. Shhhh, don't tell the woman.

ponymaid said...

I am very firmly rooted in the world of Bach and Beethoven but also appreciate the soothing qualities of Gregorian chant. And I do have a weakness for anything Brahms. Whoever these ZZ persons are (I assume it's pronounced Zed Zed?)I'm sure they are much more to TJ's taste - Doc says "They ROCK, man", thus adding to my confusion.

Diaper wise, the woman is notoriously forgetful, so fortunately I wasn't subjected to any strange clothing. Wouldn't mind seeing her wrestle TJ into one of those diaper contraptions though...