Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vote Fer TJ!!!

Tj fer persident! vote fer me! i will be yer fearless leider! i am not afeared of nothing! mules rool, donkeys drool hahahahahahahah! owwwwwwch!

GET OFF THIS BLOG IMMEDIATELY OR THERE WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES. I beg your pardon, bit out of breath. I was examining some interesting dried leaves and of course you know who had to sneak on here. Doesn't know what a "persident" is but he wants to be one because he must mimic every move I make. If he could just focus for more than two seconds he might be useful in extracting donations from the party faithful. He combines a deceptively innocent demeanor with the mind of a guerilla fighter.

We got some new hay to try and we have given it a unanimous hoofs down. Too flat, too stemmy, not green enough, not exactly like our last batch. The woman called us a bunch of spoiled ingrates but of course SHE doesn't have to eat the stuff. I may soon look like one of those third world donkeys who are all ribs and are forced to carry enormous fat men around. Life is a constant struggle but I try to hold up under the strain.


robert5721 said...

Please inform TJ that his ears are just too small. This is unacceptable in the donkey DRMD party, and in the donkey domain in general. He must be dyslexic, as MULES drool, and DONKEYS RULE !!When quoting an expert, PLEASE do it correctly TJ !!
Mr Gale
advisor DRMD party

robert5721 said...

P S ....Dicey sends BIG KISSES to her HERO !!! YAY SHAEFFER !!

ponymaid said...

Good heavens, please tell Dicey that I'm quite overwhelmed and most flattered. Being a donkey of the bachelor persuasion, I haven't had much experience with the ladies.

TJ has adopted "A Donkey in Every Pot" as his campaign slogan...

I've explained to TJ that small ears mean a small brain but he just says "WHUT? I CAN"T HEAR YOU."
Utterly typical.

completecare said...

Hi Sheaffer,

I am delighted that you have chosen to enter politics - you never know what favours I might need in the future!!!

When you decide to hit the campaign trail you will need someone to drive your bus. Since you won't be organized and ready to roll until spring at the earliest I assume that your neighbour, the potato farmer, will not be available as he will be busy planting spuds.

I would like to volunteer my Uncle Ed as the bus driver. He doesn't have a license for driving a bus but I am sure you can pull a few strings and he could get one no problem. Maybe your Chicago family could help with this. If TJ is going to be allowed on the bus tell him he has to sit in the seat right behind Uncle Ed, who knows LOTS of ways to keep a young, unruly mule in line.

Becareful Sheaffer, about getting romantically involved with Dicey. She might distract you from your chosen path.

Donkeys Rule Mules Drool

Your fan,


ponymaid said...

Willy,, my young friend - I wondered where you'd got to! Good to hear from you and best regards to your mother Bert. Quite right about the spuds - it's utter potato chaos around here come spring. Uncle Ed would be a great asset as campaign bus driver and most especially as mule chaperone. Maybe you can sit beside him and keep him amused...? The lovely Dicey and her entourage will of course be joining us but until we have achieved our goal, I must be seen as unemcumbered by personal relationships. For now I will carry a wallet size photo of her in my valise, next to the emergency supply of stud muffins (must keep my blood sugar up).