Saturday, January 5, 2008

TJ in cherge

oldonkeyman is asleep. i am the bos now!!! i am muchh smater and mor handsom. he think he is so smurt and clever but i can beet his a** any day! hahahahahahaha i can steel his fud if i want and aslo mak him run arond and say snork blah gahhh TJ stopityoudelinqwint. i wil twist his tale and wak him up. he is alotsa fun. i wuld nevr twist docs tale becuse he wuld kil me or molly becuse she wuld sit on me and i wuld stp breething. uhh ohhh...

Ackkk! Doze off for a nano second and that maniac mule encroaches on my blog! Please excuse his immature and incomprehensible ramblings. He regards nothing as private. I was dozing lightly and was suddenly awakened by a violent twisting of my tail. TJ says he once saw an ancient automobile brought to life that way and thought it would work on me because I am equally ancient... you see the sort of thing I must bear.


Gale said...

Hey there, TJ, how's it goin'? It's really nice to hear from you personally...hope you didn't get into too much trouble stealing blog time from my buddy Sheaffer!

Have you ever heard of John Henry, the mule? He is always getting great writeups about his accomplishments in "The Brayer" (the publication of the American Donkey & Mule Society). As smart as you are, and with Sheaffer as your coach, I bet you could set your sights on becoming a role model for "mini mules." You sure are a handsome guy...but remember, beauty is as beauty does!

ponymaid said...

Gale, the dam has been breached and the ememy is within my camp. Now the infernal TJ thinks he should share his primitive "bon mots" with the world on my personal blog.It's like living with Ghengis Khan. I think he should be sent to stay with this John Henry character so he can learn some useful mule skills and stop harassing me and copying my every move. I can ship him parcel post if you give me John Henry's address.

Uncle Ed said...

Good tidings to you Sheaffer, this is Willy's Uncle Ed. Willy has told me about your wonderful blogs. I have now read them all and I must say you are right on the mark with life in general. Ah the tails I could tell you my lad.
Heavens don't let TJ hijack your blog. Mules are never to be trusted with telling tales of life for they have a twisted sense of themselves that are rarely even close to reality. Young donkeys everywhere might think that they actually have something important to say!
Willy and his mom Bert (short for Roberta) have come to love reading your blog and have been telling all of us in the world of donkeys of you almost daily exploits. Keep up the great work my son, the world needs more young donkey writers like yourself.
Donkeys rule, mules drool.
Uncle Ed

ponymaid said...

Uncle Ed- what absolute brilliance - Donkeys Rule, Mules Drool! Four words that sum up the state of the world so admirably. Any uncle of Willy's is a friend of mine. I hope you will join my donkey group on their great migration south to a more desert-like area. Best not to mention it to the woman - she functions better with a minimum of knowledge. Mules are banned from out travel group,of course.

Hoping you are not up to your knees in snow and thank you for spreading my blog amongst your donkey network.

Horsebroke said...

ahh...Don't dispare Sheaffer, me thinks T.J. stands for Terrible Joke, not Texas Jake.

robert5721 said...

This is Mr Gale. Thought I would give you a quick fix for TJ, as he is getting one can closer to a case here. Get him to chase you, and then pick up speed well past a trot if you can....then head into the alleyway of the barn with him hot on your tail....just before the wall at the end, you just unexpectedly turn sharply into your stall, and TJ meets the wall! Remember that old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm EVERY TIME !!!!
You hang in there shaeffer, you are the hero of 16 mini donks and my two big honking donks here at the farm!! await your posts, and share them with the donkeys as soon as I read a new one.
Mr Gale

ponymaid said...

Mr.Gale, I like the way you think. I am even prepared to break into a brisk canter to test your cunning plan of action. I will let you know how it all turns out. I am intrigued to hear that donkeys come in large sizes. Until now I had rather fancied that I might be the largest donkey in existence. I am intrigued by the idea of giant super-donkeys.

robert5721 said...

yes, there are big honkin donkeys out there, but my favorite, Dicey, thinks that she is a small donkey, and loves the company of all the minis at the farm. Her and I go for rides at times, and she just LOVES apple wafers....I give her at least three a day because they are nutritious, with vitamins and stuff in them. I bet that she is every bit as big as Doc, sheaffers buddy (?), and she is verry intelligent. She is the one who turned me on to the run at the wall trick, and it works beautifully! Let me know how it works for you.
Mr Gale